Brazil 2014
Follow our count-down to the next World Cup which kicks off 13 June 2014 in Brazil. It will be the first time in 36 years that South America is hosting football's premier event.

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Did you ever wonder if Paolo Maldini could withstand Garrincha? Could Batistuta have scored against Lev Yashin? Would Zidane and Platini have fitted into one team? Nobody will ever know since these were stars from different eras. But there is good news! Now Planet World Cup brings you The All Time World Cup.
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World Cup 2014 - Qualifiers (play-offs)

15 Nov UEFA Portugal v Sweden 1-0
19 Nov UEFA Sweden v Portugal 2-3

15 Nov UEFA Ukraine v France 2-0
19 Nov UEFA France v Ukraine 3-0

15 Nov UEFA Greece v Romania 3-1
19 Nov UEFA Romania v Greece 1-1

15 Nov UEFA Iceland v Croatia 0-0
19 Nov UEFA Croatia v Iceland 2-0

13 Nov AFC/CONMEBOL Jordan v Uruguay 0-5
20 Nov AFC/CONMEBOL Uruguay v Jordan 0-0

13 Nov CONCACAF/OFC Mexico v New Zealand 5-1
20 Nov CONCACAF/OFC New Zealand v Mexico 2-4

World Cup 2014 Match Schedule

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Gabriel Cazotto:
A Glimpse of the Favourites: Part 6 - Italy
(Apr 01) 2014
Catenaccio? Not this new Italy. However, if you need to defend hard, the three men from Juventus or De Rossi, in place of one of them, know very well how to make a lock. Trequartista dictating the match? Not in this new Italy. In the absence of a man who controls the ball as Totti or Del Piero made, Prandelli’s Azzurri.... [Read more]

Gabriel Cazotto:
A Glimpse of the Favourites: Part 5 - The Netherlands
(Feb 26) 2014
There is a Wagner opera that tells a story of redemption and second chances, about the commander Bernard Fokke and its world famous ship the Flying Dutchman, and how all of his crew became reborn after an error of the captain that caused the death of his companions. No story can be more suitable for the current situation of the Dutch.... [Read more]

Gabriel Cazotto:
A Glimpse of the Favourites: Part 4 - Spain
(Feb 10) 2014
Tic-tac, tic-tac, like a Swiss watch. Ball at the feet of Xavi, tic-tac, tic-tac ball at the feet of Iniesta, tic-tac, tic-tac, which returns the ball to Xavi. This happens around 65% of the game, full control of the match and the Spanish opponent running if he was in a “silly line” behind the ball, and then, the fantastic Spanish midfield delivers.... [Read more]

Nassos Katsochis:
The World Cup is what creates the Myths of Football
(Jan 28) 2014
The World Cup, more than any other football competition or event, creates the myths, the real legends of world football. Messi's case so far is a totally different one: he has done so much up to date, be it only at club level, that, despite the fact that he hasn't yet excelled in the greatest football event, he is considered one.... [Read more]

Gabriel Cazotto:
A Glimpse of the Favourites: Part 3 - Portugal
(Jan 14) 2014
“Sudden Castilia’s trump the signal gave horribly fearful, sounding tem’erous dread, Heard it the Hill Artábrus and his wave; Guadiana rolled backwards as he fled, O’er Douro and Transtagan lands it drave Tagus sore agitated seaward sped; while mothers trembling at the terrible storm, embraced with tighter arm each tiny form.” Is reciting.... [Read more]

Gabriel Cazotto:
A Glimpse of the Favourites: Part 2 - Argentina
(Jan 05) 2014
First Stabile appeared in the early 30s, Di Stefano was the man in the 40s and 50s, before he changed his nationality to Spain, the 60s was the decade of Luis Artime and Onega, Kempes was the star in the 70s, followed by the rise of their biggest king, Maradona, who won the trophy in Mexico 86. The two following decades led.... [Read more]

Gabriel Cazotto:
A Glimpse of the Favourites: Part 1 - Brazil
(Dec 28) 2013
Walk around the edge of the beaches of Santos and you'll notice that for every ten boys who pass through the boardwalk, at least eight has a Mohawk haircut, mainly because of the newest media phenomenon in Brazil: Neymar. Be in advertising or even on the field, Neymar appears as the main name of this new.... [Read more]

Gabriel Cazotto:
Between Scylla and Charybdis
Ah the Draw! One of the finest moments of the World Cup. Perhaps better than some games that you will find during the tournament. The anxiety one day before, the anxiety during the show, and specially, the anxiety before, during and after you know that team your National squad will get. We can now say with 100% sure. The World Cup has.. [Read more]

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