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Follow our count-down to the next World Cup which kicks off 12 June 2014 in Brazil. It will be the first time in 36 years that South America is hosting football's premier event.

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Did you ever wonder if Paolo Maldini could withstand Garrincha? Could Batistuta have scored against Lev Yashin? Would Zidane and Platini have fitted into one team? Nobody will ever know since these were stars from different eras. But there is good news! Now Planet World Cup brings you The All Time World Cup.
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World Cup 2014
04 Jul (13:00) Rio de Janeiro Q-Final France v Germany 0-1
04 Jul (17:00) Fortaleza Q-Final Brazil v Colombia 2-1
05 Jul (13:00) Brasilia Q-Final Argentina v Belgium 1-0
05 Jul (17:00) Salvador Q-Final Netherlands v Costa Rica 4-3ap
08 Jul (17:00) Belo Horizonte S-Final Brazil v Germany 1-7
09 Jul (17:00) Săo Paulo S-Final Netherlands v Argentina 2-4ap
12 Jul (17:00) Brasilia 3/4 p.o. Brazil v Netherlands 0-3
13 Jul (16:00) Rio de Janeiro Final Germany v Argentina 1-0aet

Group A Brazil Mexico Cameroon Croatia
Group B Spain Netherlands Chile Australia
Group C Colombia Côte d'Ivoire Greece Japan
Group D Italy England Uruguay Costa Rica
Group E France Ecuador Switzerland Honduras
Group F Argentina Bosnia-Herze. Nigeria Iran
Group G Germany Portugal United States Ghana
Group H Russia South Korea Belgium Algeria

World Cup 2014 Match Schedule

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Pierre Boisrond:
Götze 1 – Higuain 0: Germany 2014 World Cup Champion
(Jul 15) 2014
The World Cup is over. Germany are the 2014 FIFA World Cup Champions courtesy of a fantastic goal by Mario Goetze who crucified Romero with a fantastic volley that destroyed the hope of the fans of Argentina throughout the world. It was a fantastic World Cup that.... [Read more]

Gabriel Cazotto:
Final Days – Vier Mal Weltmeister, Danke Deutschland
(Jul 14) 2014
Says the popular myth that football is the most unfair among all the sports, because not always the best team, that plays the most beautiful football, with the best planning, with the best players wins. Yes, it's true. Even more in a knockout competition in a period of one.... [Read more]

Pierre Boisrond:
Argentina vs Germany: Preview of the World Cup Final
(Jul 12) 2014
After 30 days, we have finally arrived at the Big Dance. The Big Dance will be held tomorrow at the Maracana Stadium between Argentina and Germany or Germany vs. Argentina. It took 24 years for Argentina to reappear in a World Cup Final. This time, again, they will be.... [Read more]

Pierre Boisrond:
Mourning in Brazil: The Mineiraozo
(Jul 09) 2014
In Sports, it is ok to lose. Losing is part of the game. However, the issue is that one has to compete. Yesterday, there was a German massacre at the Mineirao Stadium. The Germans destroyed the Brazilians on their home turf. From the time, I have been watching World.... [Read more]

Pierre Boisrond:
2014 World Cup Semi-Finals: A point of view
(Jul 08) 2014
Germany vs Brazil or Brazil vs Germany and Argentina vs Netherlands or Netherlands vs Argentina. However, you would like to classify the finals, you have them in the first sentence. Some fans tend to be superstitious and they have to put their teams first.... [Read more]

Gabriel Cazotto:
Days 23 and 24 – The Krul Movement
(Jul 08) 2014
After the position of the goalkeeper, the player who always gets asked when your favourite team loses is the Central Defender. The defender who could have stopped the play with a free kick, who could have kicked the ball outbound rather than dominated. The Defender.... [Read more]

Pierre Boisrond:
Argentina and Netherlands in the Final Four
(Jul 06) 2014
Day 23 brought the last two quarter finals games. The first game was between Argentina and Belgium. I predicted the game to end 3-1. The game could have easily finished 3-0 had Messi and Higuain capitalized on their opportunities. The game ended up 1-0. The Argentines.... [Read more]

Pierre Boisrond:
Germany and Brazil without Neymar in the Semi-Finals
(Jul 05) 2014
The first quarter final of Day 22 was between Germany and France. Germany have always taken their game very seriously. The Germans are on a mission to win this World Cup and they believe in themselves as well. Mats Hummels scored for Germany in the 13th minute to give.... [Read more]

Pierre Boisrond:
Theological Predictions of the Elite 8
(Jul 04) 2014
Day 21 was a much needed rest at Planet World Cup (PWC) after a fantastic day 20 where Tim Howard, the USA goalie has done the impossible to carry the USA. I wonder what the atmosphere would have been in the USA had Wondolowski buried that ball in the Belgium net. For.... [Read more]

Gabriel Cazotto:
Day 20 – The Home of the Brave
(Jul 03) 2014
Two spectacular games, the essence of the World Cup defines this 1st of July. In the afternoon, in a Sao Paulo crowded with almost 10,000 Argentines everywhere inside the financial heart of the country, saw Hitzfeld set a trap for Argentina; while Di.... [Read more]

Pierre Boisrond:
Argentina and Belgium in the quarter finals
(Jul 02) 2014
Day 20 was the last day of the knock out round. The games of today were between Argentina vs Switzerland and USA vs Belgium. I predicted Argentina to beat Switzerland 2-1 and USA to beat Belgium 1-0. The first game of day 20 started with Argentina vs Switzerland. It was a game.... [Read more]

Gabriel Cazotto:
Day 18 and 19 - The Pride of Porto Alegre
(Jul 02) 2014
Holland and Mexico clashed on the hottest day of the World Cup, that’s why the need for two technical stops during the game. Both teams had already made an epic game in France in 1998 with Luis Hernandez and Richard Pelaez putting the Aztecs backs in the game and sorting.... [Read more]

Pierre Boisrond:
France and Germany in the elite eight
(Jul 01) 2014
The games for Day 19 were the following: France vs. Nigeria and Germany vs. Algeria. Day 19 have shown us that there is no such thing as an easy game and the games cannot be played on paper. They have to be played on the field. In the first game of today.... [Read more]

Pierre Boisrond:
Coaching decision buried Mexico; Historic Costa Rica in final eight
(Jun 30) 2014
Day 18 brought us lot of drama and some questionable referee decisions in both games. The first game was between the Netherlands and Mexico. I predicted Mexico to win by 2-1 but they lost 2-1. This 2014 World Cup has been indeed very exciting. Today, Mexico were ready.... [Read more]

Gabriel Cazotto:
Day 17 – Day of Kings
(Jun 30) 2014
n Brazil, the Epiphany or most known in the country as Day of Kings is celebrated on January 6th. Not anymore. In 2014, the Day of Kings was celebrated today, June 28. Why? Julius Caesar, King of Rome, the Roman Emperor so important that their surname Ceasar became.... [Read more]

Pierre Boisrond:
Colombia to the Quarter Finals - James, El Rey!
(Jun 29) 2014
The second game of Day 17 was between Colombia vs. Uruguay. I predicted Colombia to win 2-0 and they have beaten Uruguay 2-0. I have always loved Colombian football. I recall in 1990 I did not go to my engineering course at Nova Southeastern University in Florida so.... [Read more]

Pierre Boisrond:
Chile came close to sing Brazil's requiem
(Jun 29) 2014
Day 17 provided us with some exciting football. On the Football menu, we had Brazil vs. Chile and Colombia vs. Uruguay. The first game was between the host and Chile. I predicted Brazil to win 2-1, but they won in penalty shoot-outs 3-2. Even when I picked.... [Read more]

Gabriel Cazotto:
Day 16 – A Rest, a Prediction and a 4-year Glimpse
(Jun 28) 2014
And today, we got some desired last of a frenetically World Cup. With 2.8 goals per game this seems to be the most amazing World Cup since 1970. But, and a GREAT but, the knockout round is the one that define the tournaments. That’s why, for me, even with low goals per ratio, 2006 managed to be the.... [Read more]

Pierre Boisrond:
The Punishment of Luis Suarez by FIFA: Was it fair?
(Jun 28) 2014
Day 16 was a well-deserved break to prepare ourselves for more emotions. The talented Uruguayan striker, Luis Suarez, has been suspended by FIFA for 4 months in regards to all football activities and as well for nine official of the national team of Uruguay for biting.... [Read more]

Gabriel Cazotto:
Day 14 & 15 - A One Man Army
(Jun 27) 2014
Who knew that on the fourteenth day of the World Cup; Italy, Spain and England would already be eliminated. That Costa Rica would be classified and would make a quarterfinal match against Greece, where we will have an unprecedented team in the.... [Read more]

Pierre Boisrond:
Algeria, Belgium, Germany, USA in the round of 16
(Jun 27) 2014
Day 15 began with the suspension of Luis Suarez for four months from all football activities. It is such an unfortunate situation because as an avid fan of the game, I like to see great players. I admire Luis Suarez but one cannot tolerate his cannibalistic.... [Read more]

Pierre Boisrond:
Argentina, France, Switzerland, Nigeria through; The Messi(ah) eyes the Promised Land
(Jun 26) 2014
Day 14 began with two games playing simultaneously in group F. Argentina vs Nigeria and Bosnia-Herzegovina vs Iran. I predicted Argentina to win the game 3-1. They beat Nigeria 3-2. Argentina had already qualified for the round of 16. Nigeria were searching for their.... [Read more]

Gabriel Cazotto:
Day 13 - Monumental Godín
(Jun 26) 2014
The day began with a duel of World Champions, Italy and Uruguay played the last spot for the second round. Tabárez who had been eliminated in 1990, as coach of Uruguay in Italy would seen them as executioners once more? Italy, finally, would shove the knife in.... [Read more]

Pierre Boisrond:
Colombia, Costa Rica, Greece and Uruguay through; Suarez in limbo
(Jun 25) 2014
Day 13 started with Italy vs Uruguay and England vs Costa Rica. Both games played simultaneously. I predicted Uruguay to beat Italy 2-0. Uruguay won the game 1-0. It was a controversial game between two teams that like to play hard defensive type football. It was a game.... [Read more]

Gabriel Cazotto:
Day 12 - Neymardependency
(Jun 25) 2014
In the early afternoon, in a group already defined, the Netherlands and Chile fought for the first place for theoretically "avoid" Brazil. In a quiet game, Holland was better, mainly because of their best player and the best player of the World Cup so far, Arjen.... [Read more]

Pierre Boisrond:
Brazil, Netherlands, Chile and Mexico marching on
(Jun 24) 2014
Day 12th of the World Cup means for some teams, this day will be their final journey in this World Cup. The day started with the first two games playing simultaneously. Those games were: Spain vs Australia and Chile vs Netherlands. I predicted Spain to win 2-0.... [Read more]

Gabriel Cazotto:
Day 11 - Bring on a new Aljubarrota!
(Jun 23) 2014
The Day started with two games from Group H. But the big day would be focused in Manaus, the Manaus sauna that would receive a clash between the U.S. and Portugal. An American victory would eliminate Portugal for the competition, the first time including World Cup and Euro.... [Read more]

Pierre Boisrond:
Belgium in the Round of 16; USA kept Portugal in the World Cup
(Jun 23) 2014
Day 11 started with Belgium vs Russia. I predicted that Belgium would win the game 2-1. However, the score was 1-0 in favor of Belgium via the young, Divock Origi in the 88th minute. I expected a lot from Belgium. So far, they have not shown me what they are capable of.... [Read more]

Gabriel Cazotto:
Day 10 - The Ant and the Cicada
(Jun 23) 2014
Klose is not one of those geniuses gunners who won the World Cup with spectacular goals, a star player, or even won any major titles. Ronaldo and Gerd Müller, who possess 15 and 14 goals in World Cup history respectively, are about 10 times better than Miroslav (and I'm being.... [Read more]

Pierre Boisrond:
The Messi(ah) saved Argentina in the Iranian inferno
(Jun 22) 2014
Day 10 of Brazil offered us some great games and was the day for the African Continent as well. The first game was between Argentina vs Iran. I predicted Argentina to win 5-0. The game ended up 1-0 in favor of Argentina. A game that all pundits thought would have been extremely.... [Read more]

Gabriel Cazotto:
Day 9 - Viva Costa
(Jun 22) 2014
It was the Group of Death, 3 were World Champions that together totaled 7 titles in a total of 19. The fourth team was ... ah Costa Rica. "Well it will be like that 2010 Group, which had Brazil, Portugal and Ivory Coast who managed to destroy North Korea" was one of the phrases.... [Read more]

Pierre Boisrond:
Costa Rica put Italy in Jeopardy and sent England to Purgatory
(Jun 21) 2014
The first game of the 9th day of the World Cup was between Italy vs Costa Rica. Most pundits believed that Costa Rica were going to lose the game against the Italians. I predicted that Italy would win the game 2-0. However, the Ticos proved most of us wrong by beating Italy.... [Read more]

Gabriel Cazotto:
Day 7-8 Summary: Hoy se Murió el Tiki-Taka
(Jun 21) 2014
Vienna, June 22, 2008, Italy and Spain had just draw by 0-0 in the quarterfinals of the European Championship. Di Natale had lost the penalty for Italy, the current world champions. Fŕbregas was positioned to take Spain’s last one, the one that would qualify them for.... [Read more]

Pierre Boisrond:
Colombia booked ticket for round of 16; Suarez buried England in a bottomless pit
(Jun 20) 2014
Day 9 of the World Cup started with Colombia vs Ivory Coast. When a nation team is coached by Jose Nestor Pekerman, one would expect that team to play beautiful football. The Colombians are producing some beautiful football in this tournament and I must commend Maestro.... [Read more]

Pierre Boisrond:
Chile red-carded Spain; Holland and Chile in the round of 16
(Jun 19) 2014
Day 7 of the World Cup started with Netherlands versus Australia. I predicted that the Dutch would win the game 2-0 but they won it 3-2. It was a very exciting game where both teams wanted the win. It is unfortunate that the Australians are eliminated from the tournament because.... [Read more]

Gabriel Cazotto:
Day 6 – The Quetzacoatl
(Jun 18) 2014
In the last two matches of the first round, the famous Belgian Generation suffered more than they should to defeat Algeria. With a very poor scheme set by Wilmots the Diable Rouges saw Vertonghen commit a silly penalty and the team that the famous "Generation Y" loves starts to fear.... [Read more]

Pierre Boisrond:
Substitutes rescued Belgium; “Memo” Ochoa stopped Brazil
(Jun 18) 2014
Day 6 of the World Cup started with Belgium and Algeria. It was great to see Belgium back to the World Cup after 28 years when Diego Armando Maradona eliminated them in Mexico 1986. It was Erwin Vandenberg in 1982 who scored the winning goal for Belgium against.... [Read more]

Gabriel Cazotto:
Day 5 - The Müller Dynasty
(Jun 17) 2014
Portugal started better, Ronaldo very well physically threatened through the left, Portugal, in red, almost seemed Germany, in White; but only for 10 minutes. In a controversial penalty, Thomas Müller, top scorer of the last World Cup made no mistake; Germany 1x0; The Mannschaft would increase soon after with.... [Read more]

Pierre Boisrond:
Germany destroyed Portugal; USA got the better of Ghana
(Jun 17) 2014
Day 5 of the World Cup started with a great matchup between Germany and Portugal. The fans were waiting to see an exciting game between the two contenders. Unfortunately for the fans, it was a one-side German affair. The German submarine completely took control of.... [Read more]

Gabriel Cazotto:
Day 4 - A Bittersweet Tango in Rio for the honor of Gardel
(Jun 16) 2014
Would Lionel Messi be able to play for Argentina the way he plays for Barcelona in a competition like the World Cup? Does the stomach problems of Messi has something to do with his low performance this season? The scandals of his father's involvement with drugs would affect La.... [Read more]

Pierre Boisrond:
Messi erupted Maracana; Benzema led France; Switzerland late Win
(Jun 16) 2014
The world was waiting to see Lionel Messi of Argentina during the Day 4 of the World Cup. Before seeing Messi, the world has to see Switzerland vs Ecuador. The Swiss controlled the ball well early but it was Ecuador’s Enner Valencia who gave his nation the lead in the 21st minute. Despite.... [Read more]

Gabriel Cazotto:
Day 3 - On the 3rd day, life and death were so antagonistic as synonyms for the participants in Groups C and D
(Jun 15) 2014
On the day that football lovers relished themselves with four games (something that has not happened since 2002), the World Cup was marked by the first results of the "patients" of both the Group Life and the Group of.... [Read more]

Pierre Boisrond:
Costa Rica shocked Uruguay - Italy edged England
(Jun 15) 2014
Day 3 brought some excitements to the fans of the most beautiful sport in the world, Football. In the first game, the Colombians showed their superiority over the Greeks by beating those 3-0. The Colombians played extremely well though the Greeks had their chances as.... [Read more]

Pierre Boisrond:
Referees under scrutiny - Holland KOed Spain
(Jun 14) 2014
The World Cup has started. I was hoping the referees would have done their best not to have any influence on the games. This was not the case. The Japanese referee, Yuichi Nishimura, has gifted Brazil a penalty kick that revived them against Croatia. The Croatians were.... [Read more]

Gabriel Cazotto:
Day 2 - Wherever he is, Rinus Michels smiles
(Jun 13) 2014
Rather than begin to describe the games in chronological order of the day, I prefer to describe the best to the worst in intensity. Let's start with one that was one of the best games of the World Cup in the last 20 years. If the first day began with intense competition, the second.... [Read more]

Gabriel Cazotto:
Day 1 - Resounding Shout
(Jun 12) 2014
Imagine that the world stopped shortly after the goal Ghiggia scored in 1950. Imagine you have been in a perpetual coma since the Maracanazo. Each Brazilian supporter awaken as the sun rose today like if Brazil have never been Champions before, and that would play to win at home for the first time this long awaited.... [Read more]

Pierre Boisrond:
World Cup Memory Lane: 1978 to 2010
(Jun 05) 2014
The World Cup year is here. 2014 WC is here. It will be a special time in Brazil 2014. For me, the World Cup has been a religion starting from grade school and continuing at the post-graduate level. It is indeed an amazing moment. I am about to take you all to the memory lane. In 1978, as a young school boy, I witnessed the majestic.... [Read more]

Gabriel Cazotto:
A Glimpse of the Favourites: Part 6 - Italy
(Apr 01) 2014
Catenaccio? Not this new Italy. However, if you need to defend hard, the three men from Juventus or De Rossi, in place of one of them, know very well how to make a lock. Trequartista dictating the match? Not in this new Italy. In the absence of a man who controls the ball as Totti or Del Piero made, Prandelli’s Azzurri.... [Read more]

Gabriel Cazotto:
A Glimpse of the Favourites: Part 5 - The Netherlands
(Feb 26) 2014
There is a Wagner opera that tells a story of redemption and second chances, about the commander Bernard Fokke and its world famous ship the Flying Dutchman, and how all of his crew became reborn after an error of the captain that caused the death of his companions. No story can be more suitable for the current situation of the Dutch.... [Read more]

Gabriel Cazotto:
A Glimpse of the Favourites: Part 4 - Spain
(Feb 10) 2014
Tic-tac, tic-tac, like a Swiss watch. Ball at the feet of Xavi, tic-tac, tic-tac ball at the feet of Iniesta, tic-tac, tic-tac, which returns the ball to Xavi. This happens around 65% of the game, full control of the match and the Spanish opponent running if he was in a “silly line” behind the ball, and then, the fantastic Spanish midfield delivers.... [Read more]

Nassos Katsochis:
The World Cup is what creates the Myths of Football
(Jan 28) 2014
The World Cup, more than any other football competition or event, creates the myths, the real legends of world football. Messi's case so far is a totally different one: he has done so much up to date, be it only at club level, that, despite the fact that he hasn't yet excelled in the greatest football event, he is considered one.... [Read more]

Gabriel Cazotto:
A Glimpse of the Favourites: Part 3 - Portugal
(Jan 14) 2014
“Sudden Castilia’s trump the signal gave horribly fearful, sounding tem’erous dread, Heard it the Hill Artábrus and his wave; Guadiana rolled backwards as he fled, O’er Douro and Transtagan lands it drave Tagus sore agitated seaward sped; while mothers trembling at the terrible storm, embraced with tighter arm each tiny form.” Is reciting.... [Read more]

Gabriel Cazotto:
A Glimpse of the Favourites: Part 2 - Argentina
(Jan 05) 2014
First Stabile appeared in the early 30s, Di Stefano was the man in the 40s and 50s, before he changed his nationality to Spain, the 60s was the decade of Luis Artime and Onega, Kempes was the star in the 70s, followed by the rise of their biggest king, Maradona, who won the trophy in Mexico 86. The two following decades led.... [Read more]

Gabriel Cazotto:
A Glimpse of the Favourites: Part 1 - Brazil
(Dec 28) 2013
Walk around the edge of the beaches of Santos and you'll notice that for every ten boys who pass through the boardwalk, at least eight has a Mohawk haircut, mainly because of the newest media phenomenon in Brazil: Neymar. Be in advertising or even on the field, Neymar appears as the main name of this new.... [Read more]

Gabriel Cazotto:
Between Scylla and Charybdis
Ah the Draw! One of the finest moments of the World Cup. Perhaps better than some games that you will find during the tournament. The anxiety one day before, the anxiety during the show, and specially, the anxiety before, during and after you know that team your National squad will get. We can now say with 100% sure. The World Cup has.. [Read more]

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