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  • Picture Gallery

    YUG vs ZAI - One of nine Yugoslavian goals
    BRA vs ZAI - Rivelino "celebrates" a goal
    SWE vs URU - Roland Sandberg with the ball
    GER vs GDR - Sparwasser scores for East Germany
    SWE vs HOL - Goalkeeper Ronnie Hellström
    ARG vs ITA - Benetti challenges Heredia
    ITA vs POL - Anastasi against Polish defenders
    ITA vs POL - Kasperczak and Deyna discussing

    HOL vs GDR - Cruyff and Jongbloed celebrate
    GER vs YUG - Gerd Müller with Buljan and Oblak
    GER vs YUG - Uli Hoeness running with the ball
    GER vs YUG - Gerd Müller shows he is no defender
    GER vs YUG - Müller at his best scoring goals
    GER vs SWE - Hölzenbein challenges Karlsson
    GER vs SWE - Bonhof shoots past Swedish defenders
    GER vs SWE - Grabowski scores a lucky goal
    GER vs POL - Excellent Polish goalkeeper Tomaszewski
    GER vs POL - Tomaszewski saves a penalty from Hoeness
    GER vs POL - Great Polish winger Robert Gadocha
    GER vs POL - Gerd Müller scores the winner

    POL vs BRA - Szarmach battle with Brazilian defenders
    POL vs BRA - Two world class players: Rivelino and Kasperczak
    POL vs BRA - Aerial battle between Lato and Mario Marinho
    POL vs BRA - Lato scores the winning goal

    GER vs HOL - Cruyff is fouled within a minute, penalty!
    GER vs HOL - Neeskens converts the penalty
    GER vs HOL - Hölzenbein is fouled by Jansen, Penalty!
    GER vs HOL - Paul Breitner equalizes from the spot
    GER vs HOL - Breitner celebrates his goal
    GER vs HOL - Beckenbauer clears away from Neeskens
    GER vs HOL - Gerd Müller scores the 2-1 winning goal
    GER vs HOL - Gerd Müller scores the 2-1 winning goal II
    GER vs HOL - Berti Vogts heads away from Cruyff
    GER vs HOL - Action in the German penalty area
    GER vs HOL - Chaotic in the German penalty area
    GER vs HOL - Neeskens, Rijsbergen and Müller battling
    GER vs HOL - Cruyff is booked after the half-time whistle!
    GER vs HOL - Gerd Müller shields the ball away from defenders
    GER vs HOL - Maier flies above the others to catch the ball
    GER vs HOL - Coach Helmut Schön with the trophy
    GER vs HOL - Beckenbauer and Maier with the trophy
    GER vs HOL - Teampicture of West Germany's WC winners




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