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  • Picture Gallery

    USA vs COL - Alexi Lalas and a Colombian player
    ROM vs USA - Gheorghe Hagi on the ball
    SWE vs CMR - Martin Dahlin
    BRA vs CMR - Rai controlling midfield
    SWE vs RUS - Dahlin makes it 3-1 with a diving header
    SWE vs RUS - Björklund & P.Andersson taking care of Salenko
    RUS vs CMR - Salenko scores one of his 5 goals
    RUS vs CMR - Milla and Salenko the record breakers
    GER vs BOL - Thomas Hässler in action
    GER vs SPA - Kohler and Salinas in a battle
    GER vs SPA - Jürgen Klinsmann running
    GER vs KOR - Buchwald and Lee Young Jin
    ARG vs GRE - Maradona celebrates his goal
    ARG vs NGR - Fernando Redondo in possession
    ARG vs NGR - Maradona and Sunday Oliseh battling
    BUL vs GRE - Stoitchkov converts a penalty
    BUL vs ARG - Stoitchkov chased by Simeone
    BUL vs ARG - Ariel Ortega passes the ball
    NOR vs MEX - Norwegian players celebrate the winning goal
    ITA vs NOR - Dino Baggio heads home Italy's winner
    MEX vs IRE - Luis Garcia beating two Irish players
    BEL vs HOL - Belgian keeper Preud'homme with a marvellous save
    BEL vs HOL - Philippe Albert scores the winning goal
    SAR vs MOR - Al Anazi chasing Bahja
    SAR vs BEL - Saeed Owairan celebrates his outstanding solo-goal


    GER vs BEL - Goalmouth action in front of Preud'homme
    SPA vs SWI - Fernando Hierro drives his team forward
    SWE vs SAR - Kennet Andersson tackling an opponent
    ROM vs ARG - Hagi surrounded by Redondo, Balbo and Basualdo
    ROM vs ARG - Batistuta scores on a penalty
    HOL vs IRE - Dennis Bergkamp and Gary Kelly
    HOL vs IRE - Marc Overmars in unstoppable mood
    BRA vs USA - Teams marching on to the field
    BRA vs USA - Leonardo gets sent off for elbowing Ramos
    ITA vs NGR - Paolo Maldini and Rasheed Yekini battling
    BUL vs MEX - Krassimir Balakov getting past opponents
    BUL vs MEX - Jorge Campos lets in another penalty


    ITA vs SPA - Maldini holding off Caminero
    ITA vs SPA - Roberto Baggio scores the winner
    BRA vs HOL - Bebeto makes it 2-0 to Brazil
    BRA vs HOL - Branco thunders home 3-2 from a free-kick
    BUL vs GER - Rudi Völler alone with Bulgarian defenders
    BUL vs GER - The entire Bulgarian team celebrating the win
    SWE vs ROM - Raducioiu makes it 1-1 shortly before the end
    SWE vs ROM - Kennet Andersson leaps high to head home 2-2
    SWE vs ROM - Ravelli makes the winning save in the shoot-out


    ITA vs BUL - Roberto Baggio gets past a defender
    ITA vs BUL - Kostadinov is helpless against the italian defence
    BRA vs SWE - Romario chased by three Swedes
    BRA vs SWE - Brolin dribbles Dunga
    BRA vs SWE - Romario scores the matchwinning goal


    SWE vs BUL - Hristo Stoitchkov and Joakim Björklund
    SWE vs BUL - Team picture of Sweden celebrating bronzemedals


    BRA vs ITA - Paolo Maldini and Romario chasing the ball
    BRA vs ITA - Franco Baresi clears away the ball before Romario
    BRA vs ITA - Massaro and Mauro Silva in an aerial battle
    BRA vs ITA - Bebeto in the final
    BRA vs ITA - Roberto Donadoni and Romario
    BRA vs ITA - Roberto Baggio followed by Cafu
    BRA vs ITA - Dino Baggio and Mazinho
    BRA vs ITA - Benarrivo and Jorginho
    BRA vs ITA - Taffarel saves the penalty from Massaro
    BRA vs ITA - Roberto Baggio blasts his penalty over the bar
    BRA vs ITA - Baresi in tears consoled by Baggio
    BRA vs ITA - Romario kisses the World Cup trophy
    BRA vs ITA - Teampicture of Italy's beaten finalists
    BRA vs ITA - Teampicture of Brazil's WC winning team




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