WC 2014 Column


Final Days – Vier Mal Weltmeister, Danke Deutschland

By Gabriel Cazotto

    Says the popular myth that football is the most unfair among all the sports, because not always the best team, that plays the most beautiful football, with the best planning, with the best players wins. Yes, it's true. Even more in a knockout competition in a period of one month as the World Cup.

    But not yesterday. Yesterday, football was fair to the team that planned, that structured, with the return of the attacking football, with two defensive midfielders with quality to change a game, this one of the best German team of all time.

    The "Gods" of football, with this victory, imposes us to change drastically different characteristics of what the football world lost in the 70s and 80s, and that Germany with Löw, Schweinsteiger, Kroos, and Müller brought us back and reworked with modernity.

    In an extremely dramatically game, a typical tone for a final, Sabella's Argentina did what had to be done against a superior team, as they did to the Netherlands when beat them in the semi-final on penalties, two lines of 4 to mark the skilled German midfielders, and counterattack with Enzo Perez and Lavezzi, allowing Messi to be the genius. He wasn’t. But in the first half, Higuaín had the golden chance, had him the quality of a Tevez and Argentina would have been World Champion.

    Better in the first half, Sabella did a crucial mistake to take Lavezzi out, who along Boateng were the best in the field, just to put Aguero, who was awful, and could even have been expelled, focusing only on man-marking Lahm when Lavezzi would rather move on the weakness German piece, Höwedes.

    Argentina managed to hold up to the overtime, Mascherano was a shadow of the player who was rimless in other rounds, Schweinsteiger played bleeding and with cramps, and still gave the ball in the sideline to Schürrle to faint Zabaleta, and pass for the German "Judas", Götze, who left for Bayern early in the season, and, ironically, the Judas was the Savior, scoring and embroidering a fourth star on the logo of the DFB.

    After 24 years as well as Brazil in 1994 and Italy in 2006, Germany is four time World Champions, and with all the merits it deserves. With the merits of one of the greatest teams in history. Yesterday, Götze marked an entire generation.

    As for Brazil, after the massacre of 7x1 and the bonus defeat of 3x0 to the Netherlands for third place, Brazil needs to rethink, without crucifixion, without "Barbosas" without the lack of respect for a group who want it or not, came to a semifinal of the World Cup, which is not little.

    The group itself has some merits. In fact, the team, as I said during the tournament has only played 1 good game against the worst team of the competition, Cameroon, and the initial 45 minutes against Colombia.

    Yes, this is also not the best generation Brazilian of all time in a matter of human quality; I dare say that since the 70's are the worst Brazilian man material.

    I believe that over time, with two titles in a row between 1994 and 2002 (in a generation that had Romário, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo, Cafú, Roberto Carlos), Brazil lost a little bit of humility that they had when they were 24 years without winning anything. Not arrogance, but Brazil found that even with Hulk, Bernard, Fred they could play as equals with Germany, relying on their heavy shirt, only in their tradition.

    But Scolari, in a way, was obsolete, instead of populating the midfield to man marking the CM of Germany, like Sabella did, he gave freedom to Hulk and Bernard (who are far from a Ronaldinho and Rivaldo 2002), and Brazil suffered the 7x1, 5 goals in 6 minutes.

    The crash was the whole game. Brazil lost, where he used to win in the midfield. Where he taught the "gringos" how to win 5 titles, with a touch of the ball in midfield.

    Maybe that 7x1 is not this bad thing at all for Brazilian football, "You're Crazy" will tell me. But when the fall is very strong, is very high, the reconstruction is even greater. We learn from our mistakes how to grow.

    Germany in 2000 played against the reserve team of Portugal for a spot in the quarterfinals of the Euro with this team: Kahn; Matthäus (39 years), Rehmer, Linke and Nowotny; Deisler, Ballack, Scholl, Hamman and Bode; Jancker.

    Yes, this was mediocre team that 14 years ago was the epitome of German football. Today, none of them would not even be in the group of 23 (except Kahn and Ballack).

    In 14 years, after a frustrating squat that led the Portuguese reserves beat them 3-0, DFB restructured the German football since the below layers, joined the under-19, under-20, under 21, and made player for player pass all this stages of National Team, renewed the technical quality of players in their younger years, created academies and B teams of Bayern, Borussia to participate in the minor leagues. Changed the mentality on the basis taught to play the ball as the old German school of the 70s.

    In 2006, Klinsmann has revamped the entire team, which led his assistant Löw, in 8 years to win the World Cup.

    In 14 years, Germany rebuilt its football. Including the Bundesliga, who suffered with mediocre foreign players and average public. They invested in human material, in planning; yesterday they got their reward.

    I don’t think Brazil will even do that, but they need to start by changing the mentality of the team. Be a foreign coach or a Brazilian, the 7x1 will, necessarily, make the Brazilian football awake to modernity, which has been in a deep sleep since 2002, or else they will have to bet on brilliancies of 1, 2 players to win another World Cup in less than 24 years.

Man of the Matches:

Toni Kroos – GER
Javier Mascherano – ARG
Arjen Robben - NED
Jérome Boateng – GER

My 23 players in the World Cup squad.

In bold the 11 starters

Neuer, Navas, Howard

Lahm, Kuyt, Hummels, Vlaar, Kompany, David Luiz, Blind, Beasley

Schweinsteiger, Kroos, Khedira, Mascherano, Pogba, William Carvalho, Valbuena, James Rodríguez

Robben, Messi, Müller, Benzema

Louis van Gaal – NED

Best Player Overall:
Arjen Robben – NED



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