The all-time World Cup

December 17th 2004
London, Wembley Stadium
6-0 (2-0)

      GOALS                   34'  1-0  Beb Bakhuys
                              38'  2-0  Willy van der Kuijlen
                              55'  3-0  Rinus Israël
                              70'  4-0  Hong Myung-Bo (own-goal)
                              77'  5-0  Johan Cruijff
                              85'  6-0  Marco van Basten

      REFEREE                 George Capdeville (France)

      ATTENDANCE              82,000

      YELLOW CARDS            Suurbier (NED) - Yoo, Song (KOR)

      NETHERLANDS (Coach: Rinus Michels, system 4-3-3)

       1 Jan van Beveren
       2 Wim Suurbier
       3 Frank Rijkaard
       6 Rinus Israël
       5 Ruud Krol
       7 Johan Neeskens             (-65)
      11 Willy van der Kuijlen
      10 Wim van Hanegem
      20 Faas Wilkes                (-72)
      13 Beb Bakhuys                (-68)
      14 Johan Cruijff (captain)

      21 Jan Wouters                (+65)
       9 Marco van Basten           (+68)
       8 Ruud Gullit                (+72)

      SOUTH-KOREA (Coach: Guus Hiddink, system 4-4-2)

       1 Lee Woon-Jae
      22 Song Chung-Gug
       4 Choi Jin-Cheul
      20 Hong Myung-Bo (captain)
      17 Ha Seok-Ju
       6 Park Chang-Sun
       5 Kim Nam-Il
       7 Yoo Sang-Chul
      14 Choi Soon-Ho               (-76)
       9 Cha Bum-Kun
      16 Kim Joo-Sung               (-76)

      18 Hwang Sun-Hong             (+76)
      21 Park Ji-Sung               (+76)


    The famous Total Football relived in London. Holland, with just one player (Frank Rijkaard) from the succesfull team from 1988 in their starting line-up, demolished the enthusiastic South-Koreans, who were just not good enough to withstand this Orange machine. Holland played agressively, never eased the pressure on the Koreans and the attacks kept on rolling over Hiddink’s men. The Dutch coach couldn’t do anything to help stopping his fellow countrymen.

    What could they do? Song against Cruijff, Ha against Wilkes and Choi Jin-Cheul against the strong Bakhuys who had been preferred even above worldstar Marco van Basten. It made the brave Koreans look sad. Hong and his men could hold on for a surprising more than 30 minutes, but they had to thank goalie Lee for that. He saved one of Bakhuys’ famous diving headers, turned away a bullet from Van der Kuijlen and even stopped Cruijff in a 1-on-1 encounter. In between, Korea could hardly ever leave their own half. Van Beveren could have turned up in jacket and tie. When quick Cha threatened to escape on the flank, Wim Suurbier tackled him heavily and was cautioned with a yellow card. Later in the game also Yoo and Song received one from referee George Capdeville.

    The 1-0 fell after 34 minutes. Faas Wilkes curled around two opponents and sent a cross into the box. Beb Bakhuys arrived at the second post and did what superstrikers do in these circumstances: score the opening goal. That broke the Korean resistance. Soon this game was all over. Four minutes after Bakhuys’ goal Van der Kuijlen’s shot from 20 metres out made it 2-0. Bakhuys had dropped the ball for the midfielder with the thunderous shot. Lee had no chance at all.

    After the break the same picture. Holland appeared to be prepared very well physically. The speed was even increased, the ball went from foot to foot and Korea was only gasping for breath. Sweeper Rinus Israël scored the 3-0 from a Johan Cruijff free kick and a quarter of an hour later captain Hong was so threatened by Wouters (brought in for Neeskens) and Cruijff that he put the ball behind his own goalie. It was rapidly becoming a drama for South-Korea. Hiddink knew that this was a mission impossible, tried to bring in fresh blood with Hwang and Park but they were also dragged down with their teammates.

    In the 77th minute the maestro himself, Johan Cruijff, contributed. Sent deep by Wim van Hanegem he rounded Lee with a quick move and easily scored the fifth. Marco van Basten, substituted for tiring Bakhuys, added his goal to make it half a dozen. Holland had proven to be rightly considered a favourite for a top spot. Korea, who had tried whatever they could, were nothing more than a target. Hiddink could start another task: making his players believe that this level wasn’t far too high for them. The outcome of this match seemed to tell another story.

    For the Dutch team it now became important to stay with their feet on the ground. Too many times talented Dutch squads had failed because they thought they were the best even before the match had been played. The win over South-Korea was a good one, but by no means a guarantee for a great tournement. In the course of the event far better opponents would await Cruijff and his men. To begin Uruguay, twice world champions!

    Next Tuesday, December 21, the All Time World Cup continues on Planet World Cup. In group A Mexico and the Soviet Union meet in Yokohama, which will complete the first matchday in this group. Can Yashin keep a clean sheet against Mexican superstriker Hugo Sanchez? And how will five times participant Antonio Carbajal cope with Oleg Blokhin and Eduard Streltzov? Come back here Tuesday and you will experience all the details!


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