The all-time World Cup

April 19th 2005
Saint-Denis, Stade de France
1-1 (0-1)

      GOALS                    9'  0-1  Just Fontaine
                              49'  1-1  Jorge Aravena

      REFEREE                 Pierluigi Collina (Italy)

      ATTENDANCE              75,000

      YELLOW CARDS            Quintano (CHI) - Fernandez (FRA)

      CHILE (Coach: Fernando Riera, system 4-3-3)

       1 Roberto Rojas
       3 Lizardo Garrido
      15 Alberto Quintano
       5 Elias Figueroa
       4 Javier Margas
       6 Raul Sanchez               (-70)
      10 Jorge Aravena
      18 Miguel Angel Neira         (-63)
       8 Marcelo Salas              (-79)
       9 Ivan Zamorano
      11 Leonel Sanchez (captain)

      13 Guillermo Subiabre         (+63)
       7 Alberto Fouilloux          (+70)
      19 Carlos Caszely             (+79)

      FRANCE (Coach: Aimé Jacquet, system 4-4-2)

       1 Alexis Thepot
       2 Manuel Amoros
       8 Marcel Desailly (captain)
      21 Robert Jonquet
       3 Bixente Lizarazu
      13 Alain Giresse
       4 Luis Fernandez             (-82)
      11 Raymond Kopa
      19 Roger Piantoni             (-57)
      17 Jean-Pierre Papin          (-64)
       9 Just Fontaine

      20 Zinedine Zidane            (+57)
      12 Thierry Henry              (+64)
       7 Didier Deschamps           (+82)


    Just like he had done many times before, Aimé Jacquet put his biggest stars to rest when the game ahead didn't matter anymore. Okay, the people in the Stade de France, their home soil, might have wanted Platini and Zidane but they were on the bench in favour of Giresse and Piantoni. Kopa kept his place and because Just Fontaine this time was preferred to Henry and Cantona, the famous 1958 combination that gave the French so many pleasant moments, was revived. From the usual first choice only Marcel Desailly was in the team, and he wore the captain's armband. Despite having the greatest guns on the bench, the French were still strong. Chile could benefit partially from the situation but were never close to the win they needed so badly. And when it became clear that Belgium were on the winning hand against Ireland, it didn´t matter anyway. The match ended 1-1.

    Kopa immediately took control of the game and it resulted in a goal right away. He got the ball from Lizarazu and had seen the opening before. He released a quick pass that went between Figueroa and Garrido, Fontaine was gone and away and rounded Rojas before finishing from a short distance: 1-0 for France. It was the start of the best French period in the match. Again Chilean goalkeeper Rojas was the outstanding performer in his team and he kept Piantoni from scoring only a minute after conceding the 1-0. Then he saved a bomb from Giresse and later in the first half he did the same with efforts from Jonquet and Fontaine. Chile were lucky being just one goal down after 30 minutes. What was left was the hope.

    The disappointing Chileans had no opportunities in the first half. The coach had reshuffled his team and tried with Raul Sanchez and Neira to bring a little bit more power up front, but it was in vain. All fingers pointed in the direction of the Zasa Duo, Zamorano and Salas, but they were put on the chain by Desailly and Lizarazu. Luis Fernandez, playing instead of Deschamps, kept an eye on Aravena. The only time Chile went close in that first half was when, after nearly 40 minutes, goalkeeper Alexis Thepot misjudged a cross from Leonel Sanchez. Zamorano however was too surprised to take advantage.

    To surprise of everyone, Chile equalized shortly after the break. It came when Aravena tried from 25 metres out, it seemed to be a stoppable shot but Thepot proved that France had little depth in their squad on the goalkeeper's position. It went under his body in the net: 1-1. Not deserved but it gave Chile a lifeline. All French spectators rose when Zinedine Zidane started his warming-up and after 57 minutes he replaced Piantoni. Zidane immediately tried to set up attacks, he wanted to give the visitors what they had come to the Stade de France for. What France lacked however, Chile had: a sound goalkeeper. Rojas won a 1-on-1 with Papin and when Amoros headed a cross from Zidane onto the upper corner, Rojas again got a hand to it. Thierry Henry, substitute for Papin, struck the post.

    Chile needed a few goals to have a chance anyway. The inclusion of Subiabre showed some ambition but the French defence simply wouldn't give up chances and were never in danger. In the end both teams agreed with the draw. Referee Collina, who had a yellow card in store for both Quintano and Fernandez, kept a tight reign over the match. Fernandez left the field immediately after being cautioned and that showed the intention of France: don't risk injuries or suspensions. Chile had been no push-over for any of the three other teams in this group but had never been able to impress in attack. Salas, Zamorano and Leonel Sanchez remained pale and when the market closed Chile went home. France ended up as winners of the group and travelled to Buenos Aires for an encounter with the runners up of group H, the Brazil-group.

    Next Friday we will have the last two games in group H. Brazil are still not 100% sure of the next round despite convincing throughout their first two matches. They play Northern Ireland in Yokohama. Needless to say that the Irish, on three points after beating Cameroon, need a win. Brazil will most likely play with a lot of the second choice players, but with guns like Jairzinho, Zico and Romario in your team you would still be among the favourites. Even Cameroon, though they have a disastreous goal difference, can still reach the secound round. If they beat Portugal they will finish on three points, just like the Portuguese and most likely Northern Ireland. Just the goal difference would be decisive then. Cameroon are without suspended Geremi but are in a good mood and will try what they can. Portugal are convinced they will reach the second round, did well so far and coach Gloria isn't expected to change much. Northern Ireland-Brazil will have Gottfried Dienst as referee. In Montevideo, where Portugal and Cameroon meet, John Langenus is in charge.


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