The all-time World Cup

May 13th 2005
Berne, Wankdorf Stadion
1-3 (0-2)

      GOALS                   11'  0-1  Enzo Luis Francescoli
                              15'  0-2  Pedro Petrone
                              54'  1-2  Josť Michel
                              74'  1-3  Oscar Omar Miguez

      REFEREE                 Ivan Eklind (Sweden)

      ATTENDANCE              47,000

      YELLOW CARDS            Hierro, Migueli (SPA) - Matosas, Mujica, Varela (URU)

      RED CARDS               Victor (SPA)

      SPAIN (Coach: Miguel Munoz, system 4-4-2)

       1 Ricardo Zamora
      20 Juan Segarra
      18 Miguel Bernardo Migueli
       6 Fernando Hierro
       3 Rafael Gordillo
       8 Josť Miguel Michel
      21 Victor Munoz
      14 Josep Guardiola             (-82)
      11 Francisco Gento (captain)
       9 Emilio Butragueno
       7 Raul Gonzalez Blanco        (-62)

      13 Estanislao Basora           (+62)
      17 Luis Regueiro               (+82)

      URUGUAY (Coach: Juan Lopez, system 4-4-2)
       1 Ladislao Mazurkiewicz
       4 Josť Nasazzi (captain)
       2 Roberto Matosas
       5 Josť Emilio Santamaria
       3 Juan Martin Mujica
       8 Josť Leandro Andrade
      10 Enzo Luis Francescoli
       6 Obdulio Jacinto Varela
      11 Pedro Josť Cea              (-58)
      17 Hector Pedro Scarone        (-88)
       9 Pedro Petrone               (-70)

      14 Victor Rodriguez Andrade    (+58)
      18 Oscar Omar Miguez           (+70)
       7 Juan Alberto Schiaffino     (+88)


    Despite his two goals against South-Korea, Oscar Miguez was still left on the bench in favour of Pedro Petrone by Juan Lopez. The Uruguayan coach had Santamaria back in the centre of defence which cost Rodriguez Andrade his place. Josť Nasazzi went back to the right side where he would mostly meet Raul. Cea was preferred again to Schiaffino and Francescoli came more from midfield than he had done against the Asians. Spain were without captain Camacho who was suspended but had Gordillo back, who had been plagued by injuries. Another man to miss out was playmaking midfielder Luis Suarez, troubled by a sore knee. For him more defensive Josep Guardiola entered the team.

    Uruguay, though everyone had expected them to sit back and wait, opened the match in an attacking mood. Spain were blown from the pitch during the first half hour. Raul was mastered easily by Nasazzi and even Butragueno, like Raul with 2 goals on his belt, had a difficult time against the brutal Matosas. The strikers on the other side were far better on song. After 11 minutes the first goal was scored by Uruguay. Scarone went past Gordillo and offered Francescoli a chance not to be missed. Zamora saved magnificently at first, but had no chance when Francescoli found the rebound: 0-1. And only 4 minutes later another blow for Spain. Mujica sent a long pass into the box. The Spanish defence was totally out of control and though Zamora came from his line quickly to save what could not be saved, Petrone beat Migueli in the air and the ball went into the empty net: 0-2. For Petrone only his first goal in the competition.

    Within 15 minutes 0-2 down, and against one of the best defences in the tournament. Spain were left with a mountain to climb. They created very little chances. Michel tried from a distance a couple of times but it needed more to surprise a goalie of Mazurkiewicz' stature. Uruguay now restricted themselves to a few counter-attacks, they relied on their defensive backbone, but those quick strikes were dangerous. It took a magician between the posts like Zamora was, to prevent a disastreous score for Spain even before the break. Zamora had just made the game from a hand-injury, but didn't show any fear when he had to dive into Petrone's feet and Scarone tried from 10 metres, but Zamora saved it with both hands. Uruguay convinced with a strong performance and a well-thought tactical plan that had put Spain on their back.

    And if Spain had any ambitions left after the interval, they were dealt a new uppercut just after the restart. Petrone broke through with only Zamora in front of him, but Victor tackled him from behind. Referee Ivan Eklind knew he would kill the game by sending Victor off, but he couldn't do anything else. The game didn't change from it. Spain attacked but were held by a sound Uruguayan defence. The wall before Mazurkiewicz could only be broken from a distance. But with 54 minutes on the clock, Michel suddenly did it. Varela had fouled Raul, Michel took the free kick quickly and surprised everyone, even "Mazur" was too late. Spain started believing again, coach Munoz took Raul off and with Basora a man for the right wing came in. Gordillo now operated more like an outside left. It increased the pressure on the Celestes. Basora saw a sharp cross missed only by an inch by Butragueno and Mazurkiewicz had to save from another cracker from outside the box, released by Hierro.

    On the other end Uruguay had their chances, too. Scarone and Andrade could have decided the match early. Scarone was sent deep by Andrade and alone before Zamora he had the decision on his feet. Zamora however again narrowed the angle and saved it. Andrade minutes later had a shot on goal himself, Zamora was there again. Time slipped through Spain's fingers. In the 74th minute then the decision. Oscar Miguez, who had replaced Petrone 4 minutes earlier, took a long cross from Scarone out of the air and hammered it in at the first post for his 3rd of the tournament. This time Zamora could have used another pair of hands, still he would have had no chance: 1-3. Spain never gave up, Regueiro came in late in place of Guardiola, but Uruguay kept a cool head and weren't troubled. It ended 1-3.

    This way Spain's campaign came to an end. They had played well in the first round, demolishing the United States, drawing in the Estadio Azteca with Mexico and booking a fine win over the Soviets when it mattered most. But Uruguay were a team of another level. Too strong, too solid, too versatile. Uruguay now were left waiting for their next opponent that would come from the match Brazil-Belgium. Deep down most Uruguayans hoped for a match with Brazil. It would be another cracker after the great match in the 1950 tournament, one of the biggest upsets in World Cup history. It remained to be seen whether they could again surprise against the mighty Brazilians with all their superstrikers. In any case, their showing in the match against Spain had caused respect.

    Next Tuesday Holland and the Soviet Union play for a spot in the quarter finals. The match takes place in Yokohama and referee will be Moroccan Said Belqola. Dutch central defender Rijkaard is suspended and will be missed. Michels is yet to decide who will replace him. Furthermore there is always the question: Wilkes or Gullit, Bakhuys or Van Basten. The Dutch have done well so far and seem to be in a good mood without too many internal affairs. After resting many of his first choice players, Soviet coach Lobanovski is expected to bring back those stars. Lev Yashin is still unbeaten in the competition. They hope that Eduard Streltzov can add to his tally of 3 goals so far. The Soviets mostly did well against Holland though the Euro 1988 final in that respect in not their best memory.


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