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    ITA vs BUL - Mexican girl dancing at the opening ceremony
    ITA vs BUL - Scirea tackling a Bulgarian player
    ARG vs KOR - Maradona gets past a Korean defender
    ARG vs KOR - Maradona is brutally tackled by a Korean defender
    ARG vs KOR - Argentina goalie Pumpido makes a save
    ARG vs ITA - Maradona tackled by Italy's Bagni
    ARG vs ITA - Cabrini and Ruggeri in an aerial battle
    ARG vs BUL - Maradona with a heel-kick
    MEX vs BEL - Hugo Sanchez celebrates a goal his usual way
    FRA vs CAN - Michel Platini directing the play
    SOV vs HUN - Bessonov, Burcsa and Demianenko
    FRA vs HUN - Platini with an acrobatic effort
    SOV vs CAN - Oleg Blokhin running with the ball
    BRA vs SPA - Junior and Socrates celebrate the winning goal
    BRA vs SPA - Careca fights for possession against Maceda
    NIR vs ALG - Whiteside and McIlroy celebrate a goal
    BRA vs NIR - Josimar battle it out with Ian Stewart
    GER vs URU - German keeper Schumacher punches clear a cross
    DEN vs SCO - Michael Laudrup with the ball
    DEN vs URU - Michael Laudrup is tackled by Victor Diogo
    DEN vs URU - Preben ElkjŠr jumps over a Uruguayan defender
    SCO vs URU - Gordon Strachan with the ball
    SCO vs URU - Batista sent off after a record 56 seconds!
    POR vs ENG - Glenn Hoddle with an acrobatic kick
    ENG vs MOR - Wilkins and Timoumi
    ENG vs MOR - Bryan Robson leaves the field with an injury
    ENG vs POL - Lineker scores against Poland


    BEL vs SOV - Zavarov followed by Ceulemans
    ARG vs URU - Ruggeri heads away in front of an opponent
    ARG vs URU - Maradona marked by two defenders
    FRA vs ITA - Platini waiting to take a free-kick
    FRA vs ITA - Altobelli, Italy's best forward in the 1986 WC
    GER vs MOR - German defender Karl-Heinz F÷rster with the ball
    ENG vs PAR - Peter Beardsley with a pass
    ENG vs PAR - Lineker winning the ball from a defender
    SPA vs DEN - Spain's Victor and Denmark's Bertelsen
    SPA vs DEN - Emilio Butrague˝o the 4 goal hero
    SPA vs DEN - Laudrup against two defenders


    FRA vs BRA - Captains Edinho and Platini shake hands
    FRA vs BRA - Two seconds before Platini makes it 1-0
    FRA vs BRA - Stopyra and Julio Cesar fight for possession
    FRA vs BRA - Zico misses the penalty in normal time
    FRA vs BRA - Platini kisses the ball before his penalty miss
    GER vs MEX - Schumacher and teammates celebrate the win
    ARG vs ENG - Beardsley tackled by Cuciuffo
    ARG vs ENG - Sansom, Cuciuffo, Burruchaga and Reid
    ARG vs ENG - Maradona's "Hand of God", a perfect picture
    ARG vs ENG - A disappointed Terry Butcher
    ARG vs ENG - Hoddle, Burruchaga and Butcher
    BEL vs SPA - Jan Ceulemans, the Belgian captain
    BEL vs SPA - Ceulemans again, now at full speed


    GER vs FRA - Platini wins an aerial duel with Rolff
    GER vs FRA - Rummenigge tackled by two players
    GER vs FRA - Stopyra and Jakobs in a physical battle


    ARG vs GER - Brown heads Argentina into the lead 1-0
    ARG vs GER - Rummenigge reduces Argentina's lead to 2-1
    ARG vs GER - Schumacher on his knees celebrating the 2-2 goal
    ARG vs GER - Burruchaga scores the winning 3-2 goal
    ARG vs GER - Diego Maradona, king of the World Cup
    ARG vs GER - Overview pic of the stadium after the match
    ARG vs GER - Supporters storm the field to celebrate
    ARG vs GER - Picture of Argentina's World Cup winning team




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