WC 2014 Column


Day 6 – The Quetzacoatl

By Gabriel Cazotto

    In the last two matches of the first round, the famous Belgian Generation suffered more than they should to defeat Algeria. With a very poor scheme set by Wilmots the Diable Rouges saw Vertonghen commit a silly penalty and the team that the famous "Generation Y" loves starts to fear sinking in their own favoritism. The "Generation X" where I include myself; saw the turn around due the hands of the last major Belgian playmaker before that generation, their current head-coach. Wilmots, the Bull of Dongleberg undo the mistake he had committed, and put two reserves, who should have being in the starting line-up; Fellaini and Mertens to turn around the game and confirm the talent of the team.

    Russia and Korea made a warm game in the hot of Cuiaba; not for the grotesque failure of Akinfeev in a very low shot from Lee Keun-Ho and the game would probably be the third 0x0 of the competition. But the mistake of the goalkeeper made Russia leave their bunker, and Kerzhakov to equalize allowing both teams to remain alive in the competition. Keep an eye out in the clash between Belgians and Russians in the Maracanã in the next round. This will be the fifth time they have faced each other (3 as USSR) and all four games were sensational. Hopefully this tradition will continue.

    Brazil and Mexico opened the second round with the chance of the winner of the match; book their place in the second round of the World Cup. Which could also be worth a theoretically more accessible opponent in the second round (if you consider that the Netherlands, Spain or Chile may be accessible).

    With that in mind Brazil tried to take over the game, but it stuck type of soccer filed against Croatia returned again in the first half. Both Brazilian side defenders were pretty bad again, especially Daniel Alves, perhaps the biggest disappointment of the competition so far. Again, the fresh bright star as in first game was Oscar who tried everything through the left side of the midfield, a brightness that Neymar often tried to sparkle when creating the game behind the midfield line, especially because Paulinho played bad again. The kid indeed is very good, but he lacks a bit of collectivity, Neymar will not make a goal like Maradona did in 1986 in a football so tactical application as of today, as he tried against Mexico several times.

    If the Brazilian squad lost the midfield it was because of the trio Vazquez, Herrera and Guardado who were outstanding in dominating the sector, but without the help of Giovani and Peralta, this time nullified by Thiago Silva, Mexico could not capitalize their chances. Thiago Silva who was the best Brazilian played in the field. Best, Brazilian.

    Because the best player on the pitch had a curly hair like the scales of a snake, and the flight in Neymar’s header, and other several barricade as the wings of the mythological Quetzalcoatl, the winged Aztec Serpent seen as the deity who created the world to the ancient Mesoamerican people and whom the Mexicans descended. On the counterattack Brazil tried to qualify today; but Ochoa, the Winged Serpent, didn’t allowed.

Man of the Matches:

Marouane Fellaini - BEL
Guillermo Ochoa - MEX
Aleksandr Kerzhakov - RUS


Team of the First Round

(Not counting the Brazil v Mexico,)

Navas; Aurier, David Luiz, Hummels, Blind; Pirlo, Fellaini, Oscar; Robben, Müller, Campbell

Coach: Louis van Gaal



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