WC 2014 Column


Day 13 - Monumental Godín

By Gabriel Cazotto

    The day began with a duel of World Champions, Italy and Uruguay played the last spot for the second round. Tabárez who had been eliminated in 1990, as coach of Uruguay in Italy would seen them as executioners once more? Italy, finally, would shove the knife in the heart of Uruguay and eliminate the ghost of 1950 Maracanazo for Brazil?

    No. Compacted since the beginning, in a rather violent game with the expulsion of Marchisio and the likely suspension of Suarez for the entire rest of the tournament after another bite at the opponent, Uruguay was plotting the moves on the counterattack offered by an offensive Italy, very different from the catenaccio presented in other World Cups.

vAnd it was a counterattack that led to the corner that Diego Godin raised higher than a building, as the stories will be told, and headed to the net to classify Uruguay. A Monumental Godín. The defender who have already been in Monumental form the entire season at Atletico Madrid. If Lugano can no longer impose its bravery over the field by the high age, he drives the team like a conductor, as a captain from the side-lines of the field; within him, Giménez and Godin are the monumental defenders that qualified La Celeste giving an air of Copa America on the first day of the round of the 16 in this World Cup.

    In an unassuming game, Costa Rica played enough to stay in the 0x0 with the already eliminated England, packed with reserve players, and that marked the farewell of Steven Gerrard from the Three Lions. Farewell, and thanks Captain!

    In the evening, Colombia with their reserve team hit hard Japan, erased all fear from being overrated as it presented since the fear of repeating 1994, and James Rodriguez as a new Valderrama, with a supporting role of Cuadrado made 4x1 and playing the most beautiful football at the tourney so far. Mondragón became the oldest player to compete in a World Cup with 43 years old beating the old Lion Roger Milla, he who was in the same Colombian disaster of 1994.

    The question is whether against Uruguay, Colombia will not fear the Sky blue Shirt of La Celeste, who has a huge heavyweight inside them, back where the mythical Celeste was born, Maracană.

    In the second game of the night, the Ivorian generation disappointed once more and for the last time. In the farewell of the Touré brothers and Drogba, Greece ... ah Greece the boring and incredibly efficient football killed Ivory Coast with Samaras penalty in the last minute. Greece remains alive, 10 years after the surprise in Lisbon over Scolari’s team, Can they repeat once more against the same Scolari an Estádio da Luz in Maracană, again the Pirate Ship? Unlikely. But the Greeks have shown us, it is hard, but it is very hard to eliminate them.

Man of the Matches:

Diego Godin - URU
Celso Borges - CRC
Georgios Samaras - GRE
Jackson Martínez - COL



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