WC 2014 Column


Day 17 – Day of Kings

By Gabriel Cazotto

    IEmperor so important that n Brazil, the Epiphany or most known in the country as Day of Kings is celebrated on January 6th.

Not anymore.

In 2014, the Day of Kings was celebrated today, June 28.


    Julius Caesar, King of Rome, the Roman Emperor so important that their surname Ceasar became known as the top most position of a politician in old age, including in other countries, as the derived Kaiser in Germany.

    Julius César, not the Roman Emperor, but the Brazilian goalkeeper, today was King, the man who was singlehanded qualified Brazil to the quarterfinals. A Brazil, which again played below expectations, Scolari replaced the 4-3-3 that was accustomed to release a 4-4-1-1 so Neymar could have all the space to crate and finish, but this made Oscar and Hulk inhibits their participation only for marking the Chileans midfielders, especially Oscar, limited to defending the grotesque errors of Daniel Alves, the worst player in the World Cup surely, in my opinion.

    The first 20 minutes of Brazil, however, were clean, for those who watched it appears that 1998 or 2010 would happen again with some ease, until Hulk and Marcelo’s mistake, in a simple example of: “Look, this error was not mine, and instead of fix it, jut pushed to the other teammate. Chile drew and grew, lost the fear that always had from Brazil. Neymar was completely annulled by Sampaoli, who schemed La Roja in a way that they controlled the match, to the point that Brazil was almost out at 118 minutes of extra time with a Pinilla shot in the crossbar.

    Why? Because not only the poor football of Brazil, but the psychological is shaken, and with that the team does not play, they rely too much on Neymar, who is indeed a superstar, as he shown in his concentration in the penalty shootout, but he cannot rely everything in his shoulder, he is just a boy, he is just 22. So, came another man, an old man to put everything in his shoulder and to get his redemption of his mistake against the Netherlands in 2010, Julio César, the true emperor, who defended 2 penalties, something that has not happened since Taffarel. Brazil, however, needs to put their nerves in place to handle the pressure or they will fail again at home.

    Another King was also James, King of the Anglo-Saxon England in the Modern Age, King James supporter of European Protestantism, King James, or today, El Rey James de Colombia, who as a really number 10 on his shirt played and scored a goal worthy of a mythical Maracanã, finally settling the Uruguayan ghost in Brazil once and for all. The mystical Celeste was born and died in Maracanã, the young generation Colombian, commanded by the 38 age captain Yepes continues, with 4 wins, best offense, best defense and the star of the competition to confront Brazil on Friday.

Man of the Matches:

Júlio César – BRA
James Rodríguez - MEX



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