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Peter Goldstein is a professor at Juniata College in Pennsylvania in the USA. He has been World Cup crazy since 1966. He will share his views about the past, present and future of this event.

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France 1998 deluxe trivia quiz -- answers

    Here are the answers to the quiz posted on May 3. Many thanks to those who spent time on the quiz and sent in responses -- it's nice to know there are people out there as demented as I am. Special mention goes to two true World Cup fanatics: Diego Torres of Chile, who had 29 of 30 correct, missing only question number 8, and Joe Thomas of the USA, who had 28+ correct, missing question number 23 and one of the free-kick scorers in question 9. Fantastic!

1) Which starting striker was kicked off his team for insubordination after the first group game?

Faustino Asprilla of Colombia. He complained about having been substituted against Romania, whereupon coach Hernan Dario Gomez sent him home.

2) Which player hit the post less than 30 seconds into a game?

Frankie Hejduk, USA vs. Yugoslavia. The tape suggests it probably wasn't even intentional, just a cross gone awry. Fitting for the USA.

3) Which team dyed their hair blond before their last first-round game?

Romania, which was very strange. Having won their first two games with their normal hair, they decided to go blond as a motivational tool against Tunisia, of all teams. All they got was an uninspired draw, and (still blond) an equally uninspired loss to Croatia in the second round.

4) Italy drew 2-2 with Chile on a penalty called for a handball, although replays showed it was unintentional. Who was the Chilean who was called for the handball?

Ronald Fuentes.

5) Norway defeated Brazil on a penalty for which initial replays showed no foul; however, several days later replays confirmed the referee's call. Who was the referee, who was the Brazilian who committed the foul, and who was the Norwegian who was fouled?

Esfandiar "Esse" Baharmast (referee -- USA), Junior Baiano (Brazil), Tore Andre Flo (Norway). Having seen the tape, I'm convinced that the initial replays, although they involved the same two players, were of another sequence of play altogether.

6) Which player scored a goal and then was red-carded in the same game?

Ha Seok-ju of South Korea, who became the first player ever to achieve that feat.

7) Who was the first coach to be fired during the tournament?

Carlos Alberto Parreira of Saudi Arabia, followed closely by Cha Bum-kun of South Korea and Henryk Kasperczak of Tunisia.

8) Mexico accomplished a feat previously performed only by West Germany in 1958. What was it?

They came from behind to get a result in all three group stage games. Fittingly, the Germans came from behind to eliminate Mexico in the Round of 16.

9) Name all the players who scored directly from free kicks.

Fernando Hierro (Spain)
Ha Seok-ju (South Korea)
Sinisa Mihajlovic (Yugoslavia)
David Beckham (England)
Jose Luis Sierra (Chile)

Hierro's and Ha's free kicks were deflected by the wall, the others went straight in. Michael Tarnat (Germany) was initially credited with a free kick goal against Yugoslavia, but a few days later FIFA justly corrected it to an own goal by Mihajlovic.

10) Which players scored on headers in more than one game?

Marcelo Salas (Chile) vs. Italy and Brazil
Slobodan Komljenovic (Yugoslavia) vs. USA and Holland
Cesar Sampaio (Brazil) vs. Scotland and Chile
Oliver Bierhoff (Germany) vs. Yugoslavia, Iran, and Mexico

At first I left Cesar Sampaio off the list, because his goal against Scotland was scored with his shoulder, but the tape appears to show that it hit the side of his head first. As for Bierhoff, I've been trying to find out what other players in World Cup history have scored headers in three different games. Gerd Mueller in 1970 did it -- does anybody know of any others?

11) Cameroon drew with Chile, but they had a potential game-winning goal disallowed in the second half for what to most neutral viewers appeared a nonexistent foul. Who scored the non-goal?

Francois Omam-Biyik.

12) Which team scored 3 goals in second-half injury time?

Austria, and you had to see it to believe it. First came a Toni Polster goal off a corner kick to earn a draw with Cameroon; then a classic strike by Ivica Vastic to equalize with Chile; then a consolation penalty kick by Andreas Herzog against Italy.

13) Which team started the same 10 outfield players in all three group games?

Iran, who oddly enough changed their keeper after the first game.

14) What color were the shirt, shorts, and socks in Holland's strip in their game against Belgium?

Blue, blue, and orange, and the hideous combination was duly rewarded with a 0-0 draw. Dutch fans out there--had they ever worn that strip before?

15) True or False: Brazil wore the same strip in every game.

False. This is a bit of a trick question, but I put it in to draw attention to the often incomprehensible way in which strips are chosen. Brazil wore the traditional yellow shirt, blue shorts, and white socks in 6 of 7 games, but against Morocco they wore blue socks in place of white. That's because Morocco wore all white in that game. The FIFA rules are a bit confusing on this point: a committee gets to determine which team wears which strip if there's a conflict, but the criteria aren't explicitly listed. Watch the strips carefully this year and see what you think. By the way, the only team at France '98 that wore the same strip in every one of their games was Germany.

16) Which keeper saved a free kick from Jose Luis Chilavert?

Zdravko Zdravkov (Bulgaria).

17) Which player missed a penalty kick (penalty shootouts not included)?

Predrag Mijatovic (Yugoslavia) vs. Holland. He became the first player to miss a penalty from open play since Gianluca Vialli of Italy in 1990.

18) Zinedine Zidane scored two goals off headers from corners in the Final. Who took the corners?

Emmanuel Petit and Youri Djorkaeff.

19) Which was the only game which started with both keepers as captains of their teams?

Spain vs. Paraguay, Zubizarreta and Chilavert.

20) Who was the oldest player to score a goal in the tournament?

Ricardo Pelaez (Mexico), 35 years and 103 days.

21) Who made the pass for Dennis Bergkamp's game-winning goal against Argentina?

Frank de Boer.

22) Which player was suspended by FIFA for two games for insulting the referee after the game in which his team was eliminated?

Gheorghe Craioveanu (Romania). Probably the toughest question in the quiz, or at least the answer that was hardest to find if you didn't know it already.

23) Which player scored a goal that went in after hitting the crossbar, the keeper, and a defender?

Kiko (Spain), vs. Bulgaria.

24) Which player scored only seconds after he had come on as a substitute?

Ebbe Sand (Denmark).

25) Which player was booked during a penalty shootout?

Carlos Roa (Argentina).

26) Which player scored on a penalty that had to be taken twice?

Davor Suker (Croatia). He made the first one, but one of his teammates had entered the area before he shot.

27) Name all the games in which the winner came from behind (games decided on penalties do not count).

Nigeria-Spain 3:2
Mexico-South Korea 3:1
Norway-Brazil 2:1
West Germany-Mexico 2:1
Brazil-Denmark 3:2
France-Croatia 2:1

When they beat Spain 3:2, Nigeria became the first team since France in 1958 (vs. Paraguay) to come from behind twice in the same game and win in regulation time.

28) Name the games in which all the goals were scored from headers.

Denmark-Saudi Arabia 1:0 (Marc Rieper)
Yugoslavia-USA 1:0 (Slobodan Komljenovic)
Germany-Iran 2:0 (Oliver Bierhoff, Jurgen Klinsmann)

29) True or False: Luis Hernandez' injury-time goal against Holland assured Mexico of a place in the second round.

False. Two minutes earlier the Belgium-South Korea game had ended 1-1, which assured Mexico the spot without Hernandez' goal. Hernandez and his teammates didn't know it, though, and celebrated as if the goal had assured qualification.

30) Which teams were reduced to nine men in at least one of their games?

Denmark (vs. South Africa)
Cameroon (vs. Chile)



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