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Peter Goldstein is a professor at Juniata College in Pennsylvania in the USA. He has been World Cup crazy since 1966. He will share his views about the past, present and future of this event.

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Korea/Japan 2002 Super Duper Quiz

    There are three kinds of World Cup followers: fans, experts, and addicts. And itís time to find the addicts. Everyone in the world has Germany 2006 on their minds--so hereís a super duper quiz on the events of the previous tournament, Korea/Japan 2002. Itís designed to be difficult, but there are no trick questions. Most of the questions require nothing more than basic information-gathering; the problem is that the information can be obscure and hard to find. A few questions (and theyíre the most interesting) require both research and finding hidden connections. The real addicts, of course, will know all the answers to all the questions without any research. But since theyíll be in insane asylums, I suspect they wonít have access to computers. E-mail me with your answers. Iíll give the full answers in about a month, and credit those who did the best.

1) Which player had a goal disallowed for handball in the box, although the replay showed he had trapped it with his chest?

2) Which player had a goal allowed to stand, although the replay showed he took down a defender with a shirt-pull in the buildup?

3) What feat did only the following three players perform: Henrik Larsson, Jon Dahl Tomasson, Cuauhtemoc Blanco?

4) Turkey became the first team since Bolivia in 1950 to do what?

5) Which players scored goals with both the left foot and the right foot in the same game?

6) Who got the most left-footed goals in the tournament?

7) Who was the shortest player to score on a header?

8) True or False: Michael Ballack provided the pass for 4 out of 5 of Miroslav Kloseís headed goals.

9) Which team allowed the most goals from set pieces?

10) Name all the teams who wore the exact same strip in every one of their games.

11) Of the 735 players at the tournament (Roy Keane went home), only one had his name on the back of his jersey in the following form: two words, the first being a nickname, the second being his last name. Who was it?

12) Which player celebrated a goal by taking off his jersey, revealing a jersey identical except for the name and number on the back?

13) Which player had his name misspelled on his jersey for the first game, after which it was corrected?

14) Name all the players who touched the ball before Hakan Sukurís record-setting 11-second goal in the third-place game.

15) Which game featured the most shots?

16) Who got the first shot on goal of the tournament?

17) Jared Borgetti of Mexico scored on a memorable header against Italy. But something else about that goal was extraordinarily rare, something you might see once in a thousand goals. What was it?

18) China failed to score a goal, but they twice hit the woodwork. Name the players who did so.

19) Who is the third member of this trio: Winston Parks, Choi Yong-Soo, _____________

20) Name the player who was red-carded while on the bench.

21) Which player scored a goal that was allowed to stand, although the replay definitively showed it to be offside?

22) Which player scored a goal after a pass from a teammate deflected off three different members of the opposing team?

23) Which substitute, in his first minute of play, and with his first touches, rounded the keeper and missed an open net?

24) Which substitute saw the opposing team score on the very first kick after he entered the game?

25) True or False: no head coaches were fired during the tournament.

26) Which team held two different opponents to zero corner kicks, but won neither game?

27) Which team averaged the highest possession percentage per game?

28) When Filippo Inzaghi was called for a foul on Dario Simic in the 92nd minute of Italy-Croatia, what World Cup first was averted?

29) When Ecuador defeated Croatia, they became the first team ever to accomplish what feat?

30) Free kicks and deflected shots aside, who scored the longest-distance goal?

Mail me your answers!



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