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Peter Goldstein is a professor at Juniata College in Pennsylvania in the USA. He has been World Cup crazy since 1966. He will share his views about the past, present and future of this event.

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Korea/Japan 2002 Super Duper Quiz -- Answers

    Thanks to all those brave enough to try this very difficult quiz! There were three outstanding entries. One was from the remarkable not-even-in-college-yet Wesley Shin of the USA, who got 23 out of 30 fully correct, and 3 more partially correct. He’s going to enter the University of California at Irvine this fall, where hopefully they’ll allow him to major in World Cup Studies. Then there was the indefatigable Mikael Andersen of Denmark, with 25 of 30 fully correct, and 2 more partially correct (but see also question 21). Maybe if he’d been the coach instead of Morten Olsen, Denmark would be in the World Cup right now. The top score went to old master Joe Thomas of the USA, one of the top scorers four years ago, and a contributor to some of my 2002 statistical columns. He managed a wow-inducing 26 out of 30 fully correct, and 1 partially correct. By the way, in some cases these entries gave perfectly valid answers which were not the ones I had in mind, which means 1) there are at least three enlightened people out there equally hopelessly devoted to World Cup minutiae; 2) I need to improve at setting quizzes. Here are the answers:

1) Which player had a goal disallowed for handball in the box, although the replay showed he had trapped it with his chest?

Jon Dahl Tomasson (Denmark) vs. Senegal.

2) Which player had a goal allowed to stand, although the replay showed he took down a defender with a shirt-pull in the buildup?

Jon Dahl Tomasson (Denmark) vs. France.

3) What feat did only the following three players perform: Henrik Larsson, Jon Dahl Tomasson, Cuauhtémoc Blanco?

They scored on penalty kicks they won themselves.

4) Turkey became the first team since Bolivia in 1950 to do what?

To finish the tournament without playing a single team from Europe. I find this amazing. Bolivia was eliminated after only one game, against Uruguay; Turkey played all seven, against Brazil, Costa Rica, China, Japan, Senegal, Brazil, South Korea. I was really proud of this one--until Wesley came through with a perfectly correct alternate answer: to finish second in a first-round group to the eventual champions, and to lose only against the eventual champions the entire tournament. [Oops--Joe writes to point out that Sweden 1994 also fulfills this criterion, and so this alternate answer is incorrect.] But a special bravo to Mikael for getting the Europe answer.

5) Which players scored goals with both the left foot and the right foot in the same game?

Pauleta (Portugal) vs. Poland
Pape Bouba Diop (Senegal) vs. Uruguay
Henri Camara (Senegal) vs. Sweden
Ilhan Manziz (Turkey) vs. South Korea

6) Who got the most left-footed goals in the tournament?

Rivaldo, of course!

7) Who was the shortest player to score on a header?

Tie between Alessandro del Piero (Italy) and Landon Donovan (USA), both listed at 1.73m. Fittingly, neither had to jump to head their goals.

8) True or False: Michael Ballack provided the pass for 4 out of 5 of Miroslav Klose’s headed goals.

True. Bernd Schneider set up the other.

9) Which team allowed the most goals from set pieces?

The USA, with an amazing 5.

10) Name all the teams who wore the exact same strip in every one of their games.

Spain, Germany, Uruguay, Portugal, Poland, and Belgium. Belgium’s shirt, shorts, and socks were all orange (or red, depending who you ask), making them the only monochromatic team at the tournament.

11) Of the 735 players at the tournament (Roy Keane went home), only one had his name on the back of his jersey in the following form: two words, the first being a nickname, the second being his last name. Who was it?

Francisco Arce (Paraguay). His uniform read “Chiqui Arce.” I was amazed anyone got this one, but Joe and Mikael came through.

12) Which player celebrated a goal by taking off his jersey, revealing a jersey identical except for the name and number on the back?

Richard Morales (Uruguay). The revealed jersey had the number 10 and the name of O’Neill, in salute to Fabian O’Neill, his injured teammate.

13) Which player had his name misspelled on his jersey for the first game, after which it was corrected?

Mauricio Wright (Costa Rica). His uniform originally read “Wrigth.”

14) Name all the players who touched the ball before Hakan Sukur’s record-setting 11-second goal in the third-place game.

In order: Park Ji-Sung, Ahn Jung-Hwan, Yoo Sang-Chul, Hong Myung-Bo, Ilhan Manziz, then Sukur. This was a very difficult question, because there are no known tapes of the goal that show a close-up of the two players at the kickoff. But a very close study, including physique, hairdo, and where the players went after the kickoff, tells you that it’s Park and Ahn.

15) Which game featured the most shots?

Paraguay-Slovenia, with an amazing 38.

16) Who got the first shot on goal of the tournament?

El Hadji Diouf, who headed a free kick from Khalilou Fadiga in the first minute.

17) Jared Borgetti of Mexico scored on a memorable header against Italy. But something else about that goal was extraordinarily rare, something you might see once in a thousand goals. What was it?

All ten Mexican outfield players touched the ball during the buildup, without a single opposition player getting a touch. Joe was the only one to get this precise answer, but Wesley and Mikael both noted the very large number of consecutive passes before the goal, and I gave that full credit as well.

18) China failed to score a goal, but they twice hit the woodwork. Name the players who did so.

Yang Chen and Zhao Junzhe.

19) Who is the third member of this trio: Winston Parks, Choi Yong-Soo, _____________

Christian Vieri. All three players missed easy goal opportunities at the very end of the game (in Vieri’s case, just before extra time) that would have broken 1-1 ties and given their teams the victory. Parks’ miss came against Turkey, Choi’s against the USA, Vieri’s against South Korea. Joe gave an excellent alternative answer in Richard Morales (Uruguay) against Senegal, because Morales, Parks, and Choi were all substitutes who missed easy goals at the end of tie games. Wesley also went for the substitute connection and Federico Magallanes (Uruguay) vs. France, but Magallanes’ opportunity wasn’t so easy: Barthez was in good position on an angled one-on-one, and made the save.

20) Name the player who was red-carded while on the bench.

Claudio Caniggia (Argentina) vs. Sweden.

21) Which player scored a goal that was allowed to stand, although the replay definitively showed it to be offside?

Pape Bouba Diop (Senegal) vs. Uruguay. Interestingly, Mikael considered this goal, but rejected it, because in his view Diop was level with the last man. The tape seems conclusive to me, and FIFA actually acknowledged it in their report, so I’ll stay with Diop as the answer. Mikael’s answer was Marcin Zewlakow (Poland) vs. the USA. On that goal, Emmanuel Olisadebe was clearly in an offside position, but the referee ruled it a passive offside. I think Olisadebe was gaining an advantage, and the play should have been whistled; however, it was a close judgment call, and I don’t think a call of that kind can be called “definitively” wrong, as the question asks. Take a look at the tape, and if you agree with Mikael, give him an extra point, putting him tied for top score with Joe.

22) Which player scored a goal after a pass from a teammate deflected off three different members of the opposing team?

Pape Bouba Diop (Senegal) vs. France.

23) Which substitute, in his first minute of play, and with his first touches, rounded the keeper and missed an open net?

Vladimir Beschastnyk (Russia) vs. Japan. Joe had a near miss on this one, picking Luis Enrique (Spain), who missed a sitter in his first minute with his first touch against South Africa. But his was a volley off a cross, and the keeper was in the net.

24) Which substitute saw the opposing team score on the very first kick after he entered the game?

Hernan Crespo (Argentina), who entered the game against Sweden during the pause before Anders Svensson’s 59th minute free kick.

25) True or False: no head coaches were fired during the tournament.

I worded this question imprecisely, and was embarrassed to find it could be both true and false depending on how you looked at it. The question was meant to ask if any coaches were fired while their team was still in the tournament, in which case the answer was True. But both Wesley and Joe pointed out that some coaches were fired after their teams had been eliminated, but still “during the tournament,” and looked at that way, the answer was False.

26) Which team held two different opponents to zero corner kicks, but won neither game?

France, against Senegal and Denmark.

27) Which team averaged the highest possession percentage per game?

Mexico, at 62.35%. They were above 60 in all four games!

28) When Filippo Inzaghi was called for a foul on Dario Simic in the 92nd minute of Italy-Croatia, what World Cup first was averted?

The first goal scored from behind the halfway line. Marco Materazzi’s long ball went untouched into the net, but the goal was called back because of the foul. Joe came up with a really interesting alternate answer (quoting his e-mail): “The foul resulted in a tying goal being disallowed for Italy. Their loss broke a streak of 12 straight World Cup matches without a defeat (counting a game decided on penalties as a draw) dating back to USA ’94 vs. Ireland. Since they drew the next match against Mexico, a draw against Croatia would have given them 14 straight matches with a result, breaking the record of 13 (Brazil, 1958-1966).” Full credit for that one too.

29) When Ecuador defeated Croatia, they became the first team ever to accomplish what feat?

This was a poor question, because it was very fuzzy. As both Joe and Mikael pointed out, you could give crazy answers, like “the first win at the World Cup for a team whose capital began with ‘Q,’” or “the first team in yellow to beat Croatia.” My answer was: they eliminated a team by defeating them in the final round of group play while at the same time finishing last in their group. Wesley came through with a different but related answer: “to win a game in their debut tournament and still finish last in a first-round group,” one I hadn’t thought of. Joe answered “with no chance to advance, they won their last group match over a team which would have advanced with a win,” but in fact, as he noted himself, Ecuador could have advanced with an unlikely but not impossible combination of results. I ruled his answer incorrect, but wasn’t happy about it. All in all, not a very good question--my apologies.

30) Free kicks and deflected shots aside, who scored the longest-distance goal?

Oliver Bierhoff (Germany) vs. Saudi Arabia. Very surprising, because he’s known mostly for his close-range headers. And it was an odd goal at that--a sort of stab past an apparently unconscious Mohamed Al-Deayea.



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