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Pierre Boisrond has followed soccer and the World Cup closely for many years and also writes for other websites. We at PWC are proud to have him as a columnist. He will share his views about the past, present and future of the World Cup.

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Brazil in need of the jogo Bonito

    No one can imagine the World Cup without Brazil. The World Cup is clearly associated with Brazil. Without Brazil in 2002, we will lose the samba and the colorful display of the Brazilian fans. It is always a joy to see the jogo bonito of Brazil. Who could forget the 1982 display by the Brazil of Tele Santana? Who could forget the movement made by Zico when Dr. Socrates tied the game for Brazil against Italy? The Brazilian fans would like to see that jogo bonito again. What has happened to the Brazilian football today?

    It is quite difficult to get into the psychic of the Brazilian players today. Somehow, the Brazilian coach needs to come with something very special or the fans of the world won't be pleased with the Brazilian national team. It's not a matter of winning but winning with style. It's not matter of winning, but winning convincingly. The Brazilian players must play with passion, the same passion that the national team showed against Argentina in the Morumbi stadium when Brazil won 3-1. This time, when one sees Brazil, one can attest that the players do not show any passion. In the world of millionaire contracts, players these days seem to forget about defending their national team. Brazil will have to face Uruguay in Montevideo. Uruguay always seems to have the upper hand on Brazil, but this time Brazil appears to be very vulnerable. Brazil must win this game because they desperately need these three points. By not getting the three points, it can be very difficult for Brazil since they will have to go to Buenos Aires, a very hostile environment. The Argentine players do not forget the defeat in Morumbi Stadium. Brazil will need to make a call to the higher beings, if not the situation can become very delicate.

    Let's face it; Brazil is Brazil. Brazil will make it to the World Cup. I have faith in the ability of its players, thus I can bet my life on it. This is how sure, I am. I cannot imagine a World Cup without Brazil. History is on Brazil's side. When any team faces Brazil, one can imagine that this team in question is clearly intimidated. Thus, Brazil will always be taken seriously by any opponent. If the Brazilians can play with the same passion that the 1970 team played, then we know that we will see the Brazilians in Japan-Korea 2002. If the Brazilians can come with the display that they had shown in Spain '82, then we know Brazil will be there. If the Brazilian attackers can be followed in the footsteps of Careca, Bebeto, Eder, Garrincha, certainly not Serginho #9, we know for sure that the auriverde will make it.

    This time is critical for Brazil, and they must not repeat the same mistakes that had cost them the WC in 82. Unless one is a true football fan, it will be impossible to comprehend the spectacle. In Spain 82, there were two great games France vs. Germany and Brazil vs. Italy. In 1982, I was 13 years old. One might ask, what did a 13 year old know at that time? As a matter of fact, I followed the whole WC of 78. I was only nine years old. That summer, I asked my parents if I could have stayed at my aunt's place because after school, I was not going to study and I was not about to miss anything. Needless to say that I almost failed that scholastic year; then my dad realized the WC was the case. This summer, I was grounded-but one thing I knew, I was able to see the Brazilian team of Roberto Rivelino, Dirceu etc; The Argentina National team of Mario Alberto Kempes, Oswaldo Ardiles and Daniel Alberto Pasarella; the Netherlands team of Arie Haan, Rene and Willy van der Kerkhof. For seeing these great players at age 9, I would have taken any punishment from my parents.

    However, in Spain 1982, that was a different story, the Maradonamania invaded Spain, but we had to wait for Mexico 86 to really experience the MaradonaMania. In Spain 82, it was the show of Paolo Rossi, Michel Platini, and Zico. That year, I got lucky, schools were already closed in Haiti and this time everybody was ready to watch Brazil vs. Italy. For myself, a supporter of Argentina, I had already been beaten by Italy and Brazil; thus the experienced was not easy for me since I became a laughing stock for every kid in the neighborhood who supported Brazil. When Brazil or Argentina was playing, Haiti was shut down. My parents' home became the national stadium in Haiti for the game Brazil vs. Italy; oh it was fun.

    When the game started and Rossi scored for Italy; the Argentine fans began harassing the Brazilian fans. For myself, I confessed that I was not for Brazil; but the majestic plays of Zico and the soft skills of Dr. Socrates really were a joy to watch. This is what the Brazilians fans want today. This Brazilian team was the best Brazilian team that I've seen in my era; when I said my era, remember that my first WC that I've followed was 78. Brazil lost this game because of defensive mistakes, but this team should have won that World Cup. Zico was magnificent; Socrates was a classic; Roberto Falcao, he was a magician; Eder, the free kick specialist; the only players who disappointed me in this Brazilian WC squad was Serginho who could not score, and the goalie, Valdir Perez who seemed to let everything in. Brazil needs to furnish this dream team again. With players like Rivaldo, Cafu, Roberto Carlos, Romario, Ronaldo etc Brazil can furnish this dream team. We'll have to continue follow the WC qualifiers.

    I guarantee that Brazil will qualify for WC; otherwise I would have not risked my life for the qualification. The time is now for Brazil to step it up so my life could be spared.



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