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Pierre Boisrond has followed soccer and the World Cup closely for many years and also writes for other websites. We at PWC are proud to have him as a columnist. He will share his views about the past, present and future of the World Cup.

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Can you feel the World Cup fever?

    The world's biggest tournament is around the corner. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, the fans are ready to enjoy the world cup. From Africa to Oceania, we are ready to savor the greatest tournament ever majestically conducted by the world's top footballers. From the third world countries to the most developed ones, we shall become united as our eyes are focused on the silver screen. This is what the World Cup is all about. It is a tournament that brings the best out of all of us, players and fans combined. This is the World Cup, the world's uncontestable tournament.

    The World Cup brings a special meaning for every participated country. For Argentina, it means to bring the Trophy back home to bring some joy to the Argentines during this difficult economic period. For Belgium, it means to bring back the glory days of 1982 and 1986. In the case of Brazil, it means to erase the humiliated defeat against France in 1998. For Cameroon, it means to bring some prestige back to Africa. For China, it signifies, total contentment for the world's most populated country. Will Bora Milutinovic do it again as the Chinese are getting ready to erupt in Tianammen Square? For Costa-Rica, it signifies to bring back the glory days of Italy 1990. In the case of Croatia, it means to reproduce the miracle in France 1998. For Ecuador, it means to show that they belong to the big show.

    For Denmark, it's time to bring the glory days 1986 orchestrated by the talented Elkjaer. For England, it means to put an end to the Argentina's ghost. For France, it's all about to show why they are world champions -- Will Zidane drive them to the gloryland again as he drove Real Madrid to the Champions League title with that majestic goal? For Ireland, it's all about the great Roy Keane? Will the majestic Keane rise them to the top as he always did for Manchester United? We'll have to wait and see. For Germany, it's all about reaching the quarterfinal. Will Ballack bring the glory days of Lothar Matthäus and his national coach, Völler. For Italy, it signifies to win it all to erase the memories of penalty kicks of Italy 1990 after being castigated by Maradona, USA 1994 after being chastised by Romario and Bebeto, and succumbed in France 1998.

    For Japan, it's all about to edge South Korea in the final standings. Will Nakata step it up? Soon, we shall know. For Mexico, it's all about bringing respect to the CONCACAF. Will Rafa Marquez drive the Aztecs to the big dance? For Nigeria, it's all about revenge for USA 1994. Will Jay-Jay Okocha conduct the Super Eagles' Orchestra? For Poland, it's all about bringing back the glory days of Lato and Boniek; can they do it? For Portugal, it's all about bringing back the spectacular moments of the great Eusebio. Will Figo and Rui Costa step it up to the highest level? For Russia, it is time to bring back the days of Oleg Blokin in Spain 82. For Saudi Arabia, it's about playing with pride. For Senegal, it's all about to show why they are among the top soccer nations in Africa. Will they shock the world in the opening game? We shall know very soon. For Slovenia, it's all about defending the pride of their country.

    For South Africa, it's all about pride? Will they be able to show it? For South Korea, it's all about to rank higher than Japan in the final ranking. For Spain, it's all about erasing World Cup frustrations. Will Raul bring the trophy to the land of the majesty King Juan Carlos? For Sweden, it's time to bring back the glory days of USA 1994 under the direction of Tomas Brolin. For Tunisia, it's all about to show why they belong to the big dance. For Turkey, it's all about getting respect under the direction of Sukur and Basturk. For Uruguay, it's time to show the world why they have won two World Cups; the third one is long overdue.

    And for all of us in the Americas, will we be able to find a way to stay up to watch these games? Will we be able to get together with our friends during these dreadful sleeping hours. Will we be able to get to work after watching these early morning games. For all of us in Europe, will we be able to go to the local sports bars to celebrate with our friends while drinking some great beers. For all of us in Haiti, will the country be ready to embrace a Brazil early exit? For all of us in Africa, Will we see a Roger Milla, a Makanaki, a Mfede, and Nkono, a Song, an Amokachi? Will Nigeria bring the glory days back to Africa? Will Nigeria step it up more than they did in USA 94. In Asia, Can Nakata bring some hope to the Asian continent? Will the land of the rising sun shine at the end of the World Cup after some brilliant displays by the world's best players.

    Concerning the players, it's all about silencing the critics. For Batigol, the time has come to redeem himself; it will be very sweet for him to do it against the Italians. For Trezeguet, the time has come to show why he is among the world's best scorer; it will be very sweet for him to do it against Argentina. For Totti, it is time to bring the trophy back to the eternal city where the celebration will start for the Italians. For Ariel Ortega, will his new number bring some magical moments of Diego Armando Maradona as he is ready to put behind him the disastrous moment against Holland in France 1998. For Roy Keane, it's all about to show why he is among the best players in the World as he is ready to make the celebration start in the city of Dublin. For Juan Veron, will this be his World Cup as he is ready to silence his critics. For Larsson, it is time for him to earn his respect; it's all about pride as he is ready to drive Sweden. For Claudio Reyna, it's all about getting respect for the United States of America. For David Beckham, will he win the fight against Diego Simeone? For Jay Jay Okocha, will he bring his magical moments back for the Super Eagles? For Oliver Kahn, Will he be the savior for Germany? For Claudio Suarez, will he bring Mexico to the next level? For Hernan Crespo, it's all about putting it at the back of the net. For Ronaldo, it's all about pay back time. For Walter Samuel, it's all about showing why he is the world's best defender.

    For Zinedine Zidane, it's all about composure and style "baby" as the world is ready to contemplate the stylish skills of the Frenchman. Will he join the ranks of Pele, Maradona, Platini, Matthaus, Beckenbauer, Zico, etc. For Aimar, will he be able to conduct the Midfield as opposed to the less Bielsa's favorite Juan Roman Riquelme of Boca Juniors. For Montella, the time has come to show if he really in the ranks of the world's greatest scorers. Will he win the battle against Batistuta? We shall see. For Thierry Henry, will he do it for France since this time he will be on the same team with Fabian Barthez? For Barthez, will he step it up in the World Cup after causing so many mistakes that caused Manchester United not to win the Premiership? If not, France will be an early exit! For Abreu, will he bring back the memories of Enzo Francescoli to the Uruguayans? For Solis, Will he drive Costa Rica to the big dance?

    For the injured players, will they be able to find some consolation this summer? Perhaps, but it is devastated. For Riquelme and Saviola, we hope to see you all in Germany 2006 as the stubborn Bielsa decided to drop both of you. For Romario, it's sad not to see you again, perhaps never again in a World Cup. It's so strange that Bielsa and Scolari have decided to cut the South American best players. In 2000, Romario won the South American footballer of the year and Riquelme was placed second. In 2001, it was the reverse, as Riquelme won the award, and Romario was placed second. During the award ceremony, Riquelme " No trophy can be compared to the trophy given by the people, thank you" It must have been devastated for these two players, but Riquelme will be there in 2006, hopefully not with Bielsa. If there is some sort of consolation, Roman, the same happened to Maradona after "el flaco" Menotti decided not to call Maradona in 1978. Will the Boca Fans in Argentina be in love with Bielsa since the coach did not select any player to represent Boca Juniors in Korea/Japan. This is very sad indeed when one sees what Boca Juniors have accomplished in the last two years thanks to Riquelme. For Scolari, no one knows what he is thinking, at this present time, Romario is the best Brazilian player on the planet.

    For myself, it's time to put an end to this article as I am preparing myself to enjoy this World Cup with the world and especially with all the Brazilian and Argentine fans in my native land, Haiti.



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