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Pierre Boisrond has followed soccer and the World Cup closely for many years and also writes for other websites. We at PWC are proud to have him as a columnist. He will share his views about the past, present and future of the World Cup.

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FIFA's credibility in question

    This World Cup has been tainted by some of the referees. It is indeed a very sad situation. It is sad because it destroys the fansí hope, the players and sends and an entire country in total frustration capitalized by a terrible depression. Finally, the game suffers. Well if the game does suffer, then we must say that FIFA has no credibility.

    No one asks referees to be perfect, however there are three judges on the field that continue to make lousy mistakes that cost many teams the opportunity to advance. We do understand that referees are humans, but missing so many calls really disturbs the fans. FIFA must do something about that to restore some sort of fairness into the games. At this point, thereís no credibility in this World Cup. This matter proves to be very delicate, and actions must be taken to rectify this sort of injustice.

    Since 1990, we have seen the disaster caused by Codesal. Or we can recall the Hand of God scenario as well. We have seen the same behavior over and over again. It is time for it to stop. It must stop for the betterment of the game. We expect mistakes from the referees, but continuing to have those mistakes in almost every game only shows the referee and the linesmen do not take their jobs seriously. We, as columnists, must voice our opinions so FIFA could take actions to rectifying these unjustifiable decisions caused by the referees. FIFA must have the courage to admit when a referee is wrong. The rules of the game cannot continue to be applied in a unilateral manner; they must also be bilaterally applied. By that I mean, the same way that players are held accountable during the game, referees have must be held accountable. Letís make the game equitable for both sides.

    We have seen it all in this World Cup. Thereís no need for me to mention in a case by case the injustice suffered by Turkey, Italy, Mexico, Belgium, USA and Spain. Those of us who have followed the World Cup understand where I am coming from. We all know that the game is not fair. We all know that the best team is not always the winner. But, it is better to lose in a good officiating game rather than to think that the referee and its partners handed the game to the other opponent.

    Most of the times, we donít want to question a refereeís decision. However, after so many mistakes by the officiating crew in this World Cup, we cannot close our eyes after several teams and fans feel betrayed by FIFA. FIFA is truly responsible for this travesty. Sometimes, we tend to go after the referee when really, we should have blasted FIFA and Blatter. The game cannot continue in such fashion. If this continues, many teams will boycott the games. The World Cup is the worldís biggest tournament and it must be directed under the fair rules of the game. Letís make it equitable for every side. Letís not play 90 minutes or 120 minutes in vain. The bogus calls and non-calls made by the referee definitely demoralize the players. Now the pressure is on FIFA to do something about it because there are some referees in this World Cup who should have not even been there. However, this is a very delicate matter that definitely needs to be carefully reviewed.

    We can only blame FIFA for bringing these referees who seem to be the every teamís biggest nightmares. The guidelines for selecting officiating crews must be amended. Now FIFA and Blatter must act on these matters. If not, the World Cup will be considered as a tainted tournament not the world's biggest tournament. Letís hope that the semi-finals and the final game will be judged fairly for both sides. We can only hope! No matter what, we have to say that Korea/Japan 2002 has been tainted by the judges of the game. This is very sad! Indeed this is a travesty that we hope to be rectified in Germany 2006.



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