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Pierre Boisrond has followed soccer and the World Cup closely for many years and also writes for other websites. We at PWC are proud to have him as a columnist. He will share his views about the past, present and future of the World Cup.

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Germany, get Ready! The HuRRRicane is Coming!

    Kahn or not! Ballack or not! Klose or not! The HuRRRicane is coming! Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Rivaldo will be Germanyís biggest nightmares in the showdown to be held on June 30th at the Yokohoma Stadium, the majestic architectural site for the World Cup final. In some of my previous articles, I always stated Brazil is Brazil. Without doubts, opponents will have to respect any Brazilian national team. This one is about to make history.

    Debilitated by the Ronaldo Saga before the France 1998 final, Brazil was crushed by Zidane and company. Now, the Brazilian players are focused to bring the trophy back to South America, where it really belongs. Brazil are not about to lose this final. The men of Rudi VŲller can forget about this World Cup trophy. If Germany want to win a final game at this point, they will have to concentrate on Germany 2006. This Brazilian national team is not like the 1990 Argentina team. This Brazilian team is all about attack, and Kahn must be on his best behavior or he will be paid the consequences of the deadly RRR. This time it wonít be about getting a bogusí Codesal penalty call fabricated by the current coach of Germany, Rudi VŲller, in the 1990 World Cup final. This time, Germany need to come with its best game, or it will be all over for the Germans. Brazil is on a PentaMission. This mission was unfinished in 1998, now it is about time to put an end to it in the Yokohoma Stadium, this Sunday.

    Certainly, it will be accomplished. Itís all about unfinished business this Sunday.

    After being disappointed by France and Argentina; we the fans have to thank God, for not giving us a Cinderella Final. That would have just killed me. I donít have anything against the lesser-known national teams, but I would rather see the giants in the semis and the quarters. As an Argentina fan, myself, I was disappointed, but I moved on. Many fans have asked me to convert to the VerdeAmarelo, but I refused to. But, I must appreciate the Brazilians for giving a chance to the Americas; otherwise it would have been all over for the Americas. When Argentina and Uruguay failed to rescue the Americas in 1994, 1998, and now 2002, Brazil are always there to rescue the American Continent from its deepest hole. Thank you, Brazil! Thank you for everything! We could have not asked for a better warrior.

    Come on, In Europe, there are giants like Germany, France, England, Spain, Italy, etc. Well, in the Americas, We only have Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. Somehow, we manage to confront the European giants. In 1982, Germany got lucky not to face the Brazilian team of the talented Zico and the classic Dr. Socrates; otherwise we knew what would have happened. In 1986, Germany somehow got themselves on the heels of the supreme Diego Armando Maradona who destroyed the hope of the Germans after that long pass to the great Argentine finisher, Jorge Luis Burruchaga who blinded Harald Schumacher, the dental destroyer of Patrick Battiston in the memorable game in the 1982 World Cup between Germany and France respectively conducted by Michel Platini and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. In 1990, Germany, again, found themselves on the heels of an injured Diego Armando Maradona, but this time the men of Lothar Mattaus, Andreas Brehme, and Rudi VŲller got the better of Argentina after that dubious penalty kick awarded by the Mexican-Uruguayan referee Codesal who resigned today as the head of the referees for the CONCACAF, this is truly a blessing for the Argentine Fans. In 1994, Germany got themselves on the heels of Hristo Stoichhov, great friend of Maradona, and Bulgaria and Lechkov sent the Germans packing. Again, in 1998, Germany found themselves on the heels of Suker, another great friend of Maradona, then sent the Germans packing again. Now in 2002, somehow, the Germans found their way into the final since 1999. We must give them credit. The Germans are always there, good or not, but this time, they have found themselves in the biggest huRRRRicane ever.

    Romario, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho and Roberto Carlos are about to make history. History is in the making. The PentaWorld Champion is in the making. Thereís no doubt about it. If Ronaldo could not give it to them in 1998. Now, he is ready to bring the trophy back from the land of the rising sun to the ďCordillera de los AndesĒ in South America. What a game, that will be this Sunday! We were hoping for a France vs Argentina, but disappointed. However, the gods of football somehow managed to give us a Brazil vs. Germany. Iíll take it any time. No more Cinderellas! Please No More! I could not take any more of these Cinderellas runs lurking to ruin the World Cup final. Nothing against the Cinderellas, but we want to see the giants. History prevailed itself again since 78 we have seen some great World Cup finals: Argentina vs. Holland, followed by Germany-Italy, Argentina-Germany, Argentina-Germany, Brazil-Italy, Brazil-France, and now Brazil vs. Germany. This is what I am writing about when I said that I could not take any more of these Cinderella runs. This is serious business! This is not a joke! This is what passion is all about. This is the battle of America vs. Europe. Thereís no doubt that the Americas are full of talent, and we have seen a few of these talents from this World Cup, even more convincing, we have seen the individual talents of the Brazilians.

    Jogo Bonito, or not, Brazil will be ďPentaCampeaoĒ. I canít see how Germany will win it; I just canít see it. After that disaster in France 98, the Brazilians know they have to come with a vengeance. Too bad, they have to pass their frustration on the men of Rudi VŲller. This time, there wonít be any Karl-Heinz Rummenigge to rescue them. There wonít be any Paul Breitner to come with some magic. There wonít be any Klinsmann to come to their rescue; There wonít be any Andreas Brehme, the specialist penalty taker who managed to give Sergio Javier Goycoechea no chance in the 1990 final. There wonít be any Effenberg to give the crowd, the middle finger. There wonít be any Lothar Matthšus to give a beautifully long pass captured by VŲller who tricked Codesal in the 1990 final.

    However, there will be a Rivaldo who plays like the majestic Arthur Coimbra (Zico); there will be a Ronaldo who can finish like a Romario. There will be a Ronaldinho who destroyed the hope of David Beckham, David Seaman and company. There will be the talented Roberto Carlos whom I compared with the great Eder of 1982 with that mighty free kick. Who can forget about Cafu? He is about to play in three World Cup final games and will do something that the great king of Football, Pele, had never done! O Rei Cafu! VIVA Brazil! Brazil is Brazil, I always said that, teams have to respect them, and that VerdeAmarela camiseta will make any team tremble. Somehow, the Haitian-Argentine Fans are poundering themselves, Will Pierre be converted to a Brazilian fan? Never, but itís all about passion. My friend Jean in Boston kept calling me to convert into a Brazilian fan, so as my friend Max in New Jersey. I refused that, and it will never happen. I remembered my celebration in 1978 and in 1986. I hope for a better 2006. The last few weeks have not been easy for me, but Argentina could only blame themselves, and the culprit is Marcelo Bielsa, no one else. Argentina fans must recall that Brazil were the only team that beat Argentina in the qualifiers; That was pure football. Too bad, we could not see an Argentina vs Brazil this morning. Too bad, we have to settle with a Brazil vs Turkey, but the gods of football managed somehow to give us for the first time a true classic of the giants, the clash of titans, Brazil vs Germany.

    We have seen Argentina-Germany twice in the 86 and 90 finals. Remember, the South Americans won the first battle with a marvelous Maradona. History will repeat itself again, the South Americans will win the first battle. Itís time to see Germany and Brazil; The time has come, the verdict is about to be reached. We all know what the verdict will be. Itís no longer Senegal beating France; itís no longer USA beating Portugal; itís no longer Sweden beating Argentina; itís no longer South Korea beating Italy. It will be about Brazil beating Germany! For the first time, my prediction will be true in this World Cup, I can bet my life on it. Yes, I bet my life on it! That is the final KO.

    No more Cinderellas! May the world football fans fill with passion, the atmosphere, this is what we have been waiting for after so many upsets in this World Cup. May the Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Argentine fans rise from their ashes to witness the explosion ďBrazil vs GermanyĒ. This is the replacement match for the prediction final Argentina vs. France. Fans, this is passion! Please, get ready! Get Ready to witness history!

    In Haiti, the celebration is non-stop. In Rio de Janeiro, this is Carnival as usual. In Many parts of the world, itís Brasilia Mania. For some of the Argentina fans, get on the bandwagon, and forget about that nightmare caused by Marcelo Bielsa, he is on his way out. Itís Scolariís time now; itís big Philís moment. Itís the Triple RRR effect. No more Batigol, no more Crespo, no more Trezeguet, no more Zidane, no more Thierry Henry. Where is Del Piero? Where is Raul? Where is Morientes? Where is Vieri? Where is Totti? Where is Montella? Well, I will steal some thing from Maradonaís vocabulary: ď Los Arbitros les cortaron las piernasĒ "The referees have cut off their legs" Itís part of the game, the referees ended the dreams of these big time players. Now it is Rivaldo, Klose, Neuville, Ronaldo,etc. I hope the Almighty God shall instill his divine power on Collina so he wonít offer any bogus penalty to the Germans as he did to England against Argentina. Please, donít give me another Codesal! Please donít give us another Gamal Ghandour, the Egyptian referee. Please donít give me another Byron Moreno Ruales, the Ecuadorian referee. Certainly, please donít give us another Kim Young Yoo, the South Korean referee and finally, Please do not give us another Peter Prendergast, the Jamaican referee. For Collina, please donít invent another bogus penalty, please donít give it to us. Please donít ruin the game, please donít destroy the hope of the players, Mr. Referee.

    The time has come to see the Klose, Neuville and the others. Can they do it withouth Ballack? I am afraid not, since this Brazilian team is about to finish the unifinished business of 1998. I thought that the Argentines would have finished that business for the Americas, but the men of Bielsa choked big time, and could only blame themselves, and leaving their places for the new generation, Saviola, Aimar, Riquelme, Coloccini, Erviti, Romero, and many more. What will the Americas do without Brazil? I wonder, the Brazilians are always there to rescue the Americas. In 1990, Argentina sent the Brazilian Packing, but that was a bad idea, since Germany won the cup. They were the best team of the tournament, and they deserved to win it, but I am still thinking about that bogus penalty. Now, Argentina is out, itís time for Brazil to finish that unfinished business of 1998.

    This is the time for emotion -- this is what we have been waiting for. Gracias a Dios (Thank God) for not giving us a Cinderella final. This World Cup had left a sorrow taste in my mouth, and I am confident that on Sunday, I will be a witness to history. Oh Fans, this is the game! Bring your emotion with you where ever you might be. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe -- from the Americas to the Oceania -- From the Carribean Sea passing thru the Atlantic Ocean over to the Pacific Ocean -- From the Nile to the Euphrates and to the four corners of the world we are about to witness history, Brasil PentaCampeao! From the Yokohama Stadium to the Munich Olympic Stadium then to the Maracana stadium back to Yokohoma for the Brazilian Final Celebration, history will be in the making. To the Brazilian Sao Paolo fans to the Bayern Munich Fans, please brace yourself because the HuRRRicane is coming. What a day shall it be for football! What a day for the fans of the round ball. What a day for all young kids who are going to imitate the Rivaldos, the Ronaldos, the Ballacks, the Kahns. Oh what a day that should never be missed by the true football fans. History is in the making.

    The football greats will attend the game as well. Among them are the following: O Rei Brasileiro, Edson Arantes DoNascimento! O Rey Argentino, Diego Armando Maradona! O Roi Francais, Michel Platini! O Deutscher KŲnig, Franz Beckenbauer! Yes, they will be part of history in the making. History shall repeat itself for the fifth time; this time the rendez-vous will be in the land of the rising sun.

    Letís brace ourselves for the final game between Germany and Brazil. Letís get ready to witness this explosion. Itís the real deal, the real thing, the real game. Although we did not get our wish of Argentina vs France. But, this is as good as it gets, Brazil vs Germany. Their first encounter in a World Cup Final. Oh what a day shall it be! A day to be remembered! A day of celebration, a day that shall remain in the memories of the participated players. I hope that FIFA would have allowed Michael Ballack to play. Well, this is part of the game. For myself, Iíll be ready for the celebration to pour my full emotion as nations around the world are ready to witness history. I will brace myself on Saturday night to get ready for this big dan! ce; The celebration in my place will start on Saturday, and thereís no way I will be going to sleep since I will be in contact with friends, fans, family members around the world. Thank God for giving me the opportunity to witness my seventh World Cup and I wish for many more to come. It is always a dream comes true for any true football fan to follow the World Cup, the world biggest tournament. Letís Get ready, the HuRRRicane is coming! I wish both teams the best of luck, and may the referee kept the game clean. I will close this article with the word of the famous, Andres Cantor ďPor el bien del fķtbol, que gane Brasil.Ē For the good of Football, May Brasil win.Ē



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