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Pierre Boisrond has followed soccer and the World Cup closely for many years and also writes for other websites. We at PWC are proud to have him as a columnist. He will share his views about the past, present and future of the World Cup.

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After Argentina and Brazil: There’s Paraguay

    In order for the Americas to win the World Cup, we always seem to refer to Brazil and Argentina. However, we must not forget about Paraguay. I always admire the playing style of the Paraguayan national team. In 1986 we discovered the great Roberto Cabanas. In 1998 and 2002 we discovered the great Chilavert and Gamarra. Now in 2006, we are looking forward to see the great Roque Santa Cruz.

    Despite the absence of Chilavert, Paraguay will be a force to reckon with. In the World Cup, there’s no such thing as an easy team. The opening game against England is not going to be easy for the Charruas; however, Paraguay is not going to make it easy for the English either. The game will have to be played on the ground not on paper. Of course on paper, England appears to be the favorite. However, the Paraguayan players will defend their national colors with pride, courage and dignity. By playing as they usually played, Paraguay should make it to the next round. In the next round, anything can happen. However, I look for Paraguay to defend the South American continent with pride.

    Lately, Jose Luis Chilavert, the ex-keeper of Paraguay has stated that Paraguay is not going to make it to the second round. I totally disagree with Chilavert who seems to make controversial statements to gain some media attention. For this reason, I call upon Justo Villar (GK), Carlos Gamarra (Def), Robero Acuna (Mid), Roque Santa Cruz (Fwd) and Jose Cardozo (Fwd) to play their opening game against England like they were playing in their home stadium, Estadio Defensores Del Chaco. In this stadium, Argentina and Brazil always have found some difficulties to even win a game against Paraguay. During the South American qualifiers, Paraguay had beaten Argentina. And, may the same spirit that helped the Charruas during the South American qualifiers find its way to the soul of every player of the national team of Paraguay. If the Americas have to bring the World Cup Trophy from Europe to the American continent, then Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Ecuador, Mexico, Trinidad, Costa Rica, and the United States must ask for some divine intervention so that they can snatch this Trophy from the Giants of Europe such as Germany, Italy, England, Spain, Holland, etc.

    The hope of the American continent is on the shoulders of Brazil and Argentina. However, I look forward for the Paraguayans to show that they do belong to the big dance. I look forward to show that the Paraguayans will show that they can go much further than in France 1998.

    Another incentive for the national players of Paraguay is to prove Chilavert wrong. For Chilavert, it is not the time to criticize your national team. As the ex-goalie of Paraguay, the time has come for you to support the team. Yes, you were a great goalie; yes you were an icon for the Paraguayan team. Now, the time has come for you to be a fan like every other fan. I wish that my own country, Haiti, would have made it that far. But the Haitian politicians seem to defend their own pockets.

    I can recall watching in 1986 the great Roberto Cabanas. It was a wonderful joy. I remember watching the great Chilavert who defended the Paraguayan goal with class, authority, courage. Now, the time has come for Roque Santa Cruz to step it up to another level and to drive the Paraguayan to glory. The time has also come for Jose Cardozo to show why he is a great striker. For Roberto Acuna, may you find the spirit that will help you conduct the midfield like a maestro will conduct her/his symphony orchestra.

    After all, this is the World Cup. It is a moment that brings to the whole world and certainly, I hope it brings the greatest joy to the people of Paraguay. As the Paraguayan national coach stated, we may not stay in the best hotel in Germany, but we come to make history. This is what I am talking about. The time has come for Paraguay to show like they are a contender like Brazil and Argentina. They have shown that they can be there; there’s no need to imitate the Samba of Brazil or the Tango of Argentina. But only to continue amuse us with the Paraguayan Polka. After all, the courage and the determination of the Paraguayan national team will drive them to the Promised Land.

    For the people of Paraguay, enjoy the FIFA World Cup 2006 and have faith that your players can bring the trophy back to the land of the Charruas. After all, the World Cup is a fantastic tournament. It brings unity to a whole country. It captures the whole world attention. It accomplishes what the world's greatest politicians are unable to do for decades. By stealing an expression from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the World Cup brings enemies to the table of brotherhood; Yes Iran shall be there and the United States shall be there also. Both countries have participated in France 1998 as well. Only the FIFA World Cup can bring these countries together. This is what the World Cup is all about.

    Oh what a day shall June 9th be! What a month that we all are about to witness! There will be sorrow; there will be joy. But one thing that no one will be able to take away from these players is that they have played or participated in the world’s biggest dance. Well, Paraguay might not win it, but we, as fans, will never forget their fighting spirit to bring the trophy back to their people.

    According to the pundits, Trinidad & Tobago won’t pass the first round. But I can imagine myself in the streets of Port-of-Spain dancing that SOCA with the people of Trinidad & Tobago. And if Trinidad & Tobago somehow manages to score a goal in this World Cup, then I know that I would be much better in a SOCA Carnival than in any stadium in Germany. However, our dear columnist, Paul Marcuccitti, will be able to bring us the live atmosphere in Germany. And I hope he will jump up and down as his native Australia will fight with the giants of football. We have all witnessed the celebration after the national team qualified for the World Cup after beating Uruguay, imagine how the celebration will be if the Socceroos manage to cause some major upset.

    Yes, the World Cup is here, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, let’s start the celebration. Let’s start singing “Ole, Ole, Ole” because June 9th is around the corner. The FIFA World Cup is finally here. How sweet it is to be part of the World’s biggest sporting event. For all of us who believe in a higher power, we must thank our God for giving us the opportunity to witness this fantastic event. And may his grace be with all of us (fans, players, countries) as we enjoy the greatest tournament on Earth.

Until the next article, Enjoy the World Cup!


In my previous article entitled: “It’s World Cup Time”, I made a reference to the statement: “"Deutschland über Alles". That seems to be an insult to most Germans according to our reader, Stefan Foerster. On the other hand, I had no intention of insulting the Germans. And I would like to thank Stefan for teaching a piece of German History. That being said, I would also like to extend my sincerest apology to the people of Germany if I offended them by using such expression. Here’s how Stefan Foerster puts it:

Dear Pierre

I just finished your column entitled as above. It is a fine piece of writing, well constructed, nice style and personalized. Yet I was amazed to read your parting words: "And we hope that Germany can live up to its motto: "Deutschland über Alles". It is not the country's motto, that in itself is insulting to most Germans of today. It was the opening stanza of the national anthem from 1922 onwards.The National Socialists used it to precede the Horst Wessel Lied (the party's song,still banned today). Germany's national anthem (and I suppose "motto") now starts with the original 3rd stanza "Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit" because "Deutschland uber Alles" is now associated (rightly or wrongly) with the darkest period of German history. You write passionately about harmony, fair play and kicking out racism yet are guilty of the most common enemy to all of those - ignorance.

Best regards,
Stefan Foerster



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