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Pierre Boisrond has followed soccer and the World Cup closely for many years and also writes for other websites. We at PWC are proud to have him as a columnist. He will share his views about the past, present and future of the World Cup.

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The Clash of Berlin: Expect the Unexpected!

    We now have reached the quarter finals of the World Cup where we have found, Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Ukraine. Argentina will face Germany; Brazil will face France; England will play against Portugal; Italy on the other hand will face Ukraine. There will be some great interesting matches such as Argentina vs. Germany on June 30th, England vs. Portugal and Brazil vs. Italy. However, we hope that the referees will be up to the task.

    The 2006 World Cup referees have done a terrible job. The Spanish referee, Luis MEDINA CANTALEJO, handed a gift to the Italians by calling a bogus penalty kick against the Australians. The Russian referee, Valentin Ivanov, lost control of the game between Holland vs. Portugal by handing red cards and yellow cards like a maniac. This referee really needed some psychiatric help. We have seen the British referee, Graham Poll giving 3 yellow cards to Josic Simunic. Overall, I will give the FIFA referees 4/10 for their pathetic jobs. It is indeed sad for the World Cup to see many teams booked their flight for their nationsí capital because of some referee mistakes. The Autralians did not deserve this harsh treatment from the Spanish referee. We can also make some strong cases for the United States, and Togo as well. If FIFA wants the World Cup to continue the worldís top sporting event, then the time has come to revamp this refereeing fiasco. Referees do commit mistakes, but to hand a gift to a team, this is unacceptable. Brazil is Brazil; we all know that as well. And I donít think that Brazil needs any help from the referee to win games. In the game between Ghana and Brazil, The Brazilian player was offside for at least two of the Braziliansí goals. Gabriel Heinze of Argentina should have been expelled for tackling hard the Mexican player. To my amazement, FIFA still keeps the Spanish referee, Luis Cantalejo, in the World Cup. This is a referee who deliberately awarded a bogus penalty kick to Italy. He will be the referee for the Brazil vs. France quarter final game. I have no faith in the FIFA referees since they have ruined the World Cup with their idiotic decisions. Something must be done to address this pathetic situation. Letís hope the last few games in the World Cup will be judged according to the rules. If not, the games of the quarter final, semi final and the final will be tainted.

    Concerning the subject of quarter final, the world is awaiting for the showdown that will take place in Berlin between Argentina vs. Germany. So far, the German players have been making lot of noise stating that Argentina has bad luck for facing them. I just hope that Germans remembered what I told them in 2002. In 2002 I told them to get ready for the Brazilian HuRRRicane. When I stated this, some of the German fans were very angry. We all now know what the results were because the Brazilian HuRRRicane capsized the German submarine.

    This time, the Germans are so confident that they are going to destroy Argentina. I would like to advise the Germans to put a little water in their wine. For example, what kind of teams did the German face? Well, they have faced Costa Rica, Poland, Ecuador, and Sweden. The fact that the Germans walked over the Swedish player, they seem to get some confidence that they will be doing the same to Argentina. I would like to remind them that Argentina is not Sweden, and certainly not Costa Rica, Ecuador and Poland. Argentina is focused, and I hope that the Germans will be able to solve the mathematical equation (R+S+C) or (R+M+T). And if Pekerman decides to add some complexity to this equation then we can have R (M+T+C) to make it difficult for the Germans.

    On the other hand, the Germans have known for their great engineering skills, and definitely they will present some difficult mathematical equations to Argentina. I donít know if it will be some Advanced Calculus. I donít know if is going to be some Differential Equations. I do know for sure that the Germans will be applying some Physics on Argentina. Whether or not the Germans will use Euler's polyhedral formula which states that, for any simply connected polyhedron, the number of faces (F) minus the number of edges (E) plus the number of vertices (V) is always equal to 2, or stated mathematically: F - E + V 2. For a soccer ball, which has the shape of a truncated icosahedron with 32 faces, 90 edges, and 60 vertices: 32 - 90 + 60 2, we can easily say that the German players must be fully aware of this since they continue to claim that they will send Argentina packing for Buenos Aires.

    According to Argentina, it does not matter what kind of mathematical formulas that the Germans will bring into the game. It does not matter what kind of mathematical theories that Klinsmann will use. Pekerman knows that the ball will be rolling on the ground under the direction of the talented Juan Roman Riquelme. Riquelme will be the maestro for the Albiceleste and he knows that the responsibility of a whole country is on his shoulder. So far, we have not seen any superstars at the world cup yet. For sure, we expect to see Riquelme and Ballack to raise their game to a different level.

    As fans, I can guarantee that we will enjoy a great game. There will be sorrow, and there will be joy at the end of the game. This is the fact of life. One team has to win. And most of you might already know my position. So, I refrain myself from making predictions. But, I would like to advise the Germans to beware of the unexpected.

    There will be other interesting games such as Brazil vs. France. Brazil is Brazil and I donít see any team that can stop Brazil from getting to the Finals. France is there because they played Spain. Spain is full of great players, but they need to be believed in themselves. This basically becomes a psychological issue for Spain, and they need to get over the hurdle. Concerning England vs. Portugal, the Portuguese have played better than the British players. However, they wonít have Deco and Costinha. I have not seen anything special yet from England, but they might raise their game to a different level, but Portugal has some great players that can make a difference and we can expect Figo to take his game to another level. For Italy vs. Ukraine, we might as well give it to Italy, but the game must be played first on the ground not on paper.

    Letís get ready to enjoy the clash between the Giants of Argentina and the Giants of Germany. It will be complicated for both teams, but the Albiceleste will be up to the task because the main objective is to have a South American final. Is that a prediction? Well, you can let me know. As I stated previously, expect the unexpected!

Until my next article, Arrivederci!



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