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South Africa 2010: The World’s Biggest Sporting Dance

    The FIFA 2010 World Cup is around the corner. On June 11, the world will focus its attention to Africa. The Dark Continent will be in the center of the world’s greatest sporting event. South Africa will be the center of this incomparable festival event. It is incomparable because from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, the world will be watching. It does not matter what is the time zone might be, the world will be watching South Africa’s greatest sporting event. It will be the biggest dance ever in Africa because all of us will be introduced to the Afrofusion dance of South Africa in a rhythm that most of us have not yet seen. Wherever we might be, the 2010 World Cup drums shall resonate throughout the world continents.

    For me, it is always special to watch the World Cup. I always thank God for always giving me the opportunity to watch a World Cup. I consider the World Cup as a sacred and divine tournament or a because every country seems to put its political and religious differences aside to give a great spectacle to the world. This is why I consider the World Cup as a tournament that the almighty God will protect and therefore fans should go out there to have fun and not to worry about any terrorist. The tournament officials are ready to eradicate any terroristic threat. On this case, the main focus should be on celebrating the world’s most prestigious sporting tournament.

    From June 11 to July 11, the celebration will start. A celebration that will resonate to every country in the world. If a country happens to be part of this big dance, then it will be extremely special for the people of the country because they will be dancing while supporting their country.

  • In Argentina, there will be a tango celebration. Will the “messiah” Messi resurrect Maradona on July 11th. We shall see.
  • In Brazil, there will be a samba celebration. Will Kaka drive Brazil to Glory? Again, we’ll have to wait and see.
  • In South Africa, for sure, there will be an afrofusion celebration.
  • In France, there could be many dance celebrations such as “bagatelle, tarantelle, bourre, branle, dans-plinn.”
  • In Australian, there will be a corroboree or a bush dance celebration
  • In Mexico, there will be a “Jarabe Tapatio” dance celebration
  • In Uruguay, there will be a “Pericon” ceberation
  • In Nigeria, there will definitely be Igbo, Hausa, andYoruba dance celebrations
  • In Greece, there will be an Hassapiko dance celebration
  • In South Korea, there will be Jongmyo jeryeak dance celebration
  • In England, there will be some rapper sword and long sword dance celebrations
  • In the United States, we should expect some RAP and R&B dance celebration
  • In Algeria, please bring us some Ouled Nail (Belly Dance), the world will certainly enjoy it
  • In Slovenia, there will be the velike goslarije (Big Band) Dance
  • In Germany, we will enjoy the Bavaria Schuplatter dance/ There will be lot of Body Slapping Dance in Germany
  • In Ghana, the land of festivals, there will be many dances celebration such as: Bamaya, Adowa, Kpanlongo, Klama, Agbadza, Atsiagbekor, Atsia, Boboobo, and the Agahu. Perhaps, I should have contacted my dear Ghanaian friend, Dr. Paribi Felli, whom I think might give me a lecture on Ghanian Culture. For sure, the Ghanaian will be celebrating in every corner of the country.
  • In Serbia, There will be the Kolo dance celebration. We all shall dance in circle with the people of Serbia
  • In the Kingdom of the Netherlands, there will be some Dutch Folk dance celebration, though I think there will also be some ballroom dancing, salsa dance celebration, and line dance celebration. There could be some tango celebration, but I am sure the Dutch will not use it during the world cup and most of football fans know why this might not be. Perhaps, I need to ask my columnist colleague, Ruud Doevendans, on this.
  • In Japan, we shall see the Bon Odori dance celebration. It is the perfect fit for the summer dance in Japan…And may the Japanese national team bring some joy to the people.
  • In Cameroon, we shall witness the bitkusi and the makossa as the people of Cameroon will take the streets of Yaounde to celebrate with their national teams. Will we see another 1990 Cameroon celebration. If this is so, then why not bringing the adopted dances such as the Maringa from Ghana , the Ashiko and the Abele from Nigeria. It will be exciting to see a dance celebration mingled with the rhythms from Cameroon, Ghana, and Nigeria. Somehow, I wish I could find myself in the midst of these celebrations.
  • In Denmark, there will be some folk dancing celebration. Will we see another 1986 World Cup Denmark National team? I certainly hope so because won’t mind to wear the beautiful national team football shirt for that celebration in company of Sepp Piontek, the Laudrup brothers, and the 1986 World Cup talented Danish maestro, Preben Elkjaer.
  • In Italy, I am sure there will be some opera, some classical, and some “canzone napoletana” dancing celebrations. For me, may Italy give me again the 1990 World Cup Song, the best World Cup song ever up to this point. For the 2010 World Cup song, we will have to wait on June 11th to render the verdict. So Far, the Italians have delivered the best World Cup Song ever in 1990. In 2004, I should have been celebrating with the Italians in the eternal city and chanting “Un’estate italiana”. Will there be another dance in Rome? Then we need to wait until July 11 to find out, perhaps earlier. But the Italians are truly a contender to knock out their opponents.
  • In Paraguay, there will be some bottle dance and Polka celebrations. Will the spirit of Chilavert help Paraguay exceed the performance of 1998? If this indeed happens, I will definitely find my bottle and perform with it on my head.
  • In New Zealand, I am ready to learn the Haka dance. The People of New Zealand will certainly celebrate with an Haka rhythm. Now, may my former engineering colleagues and friends: Craig Wilmott and TzeHoong Mok, give me a lecture on the culture of New Zealand.
  • In Slovakia, we shall witness the bottle dance and the Sarispolka dance
  • In North Korea, there will be the Jeongjaemu dance celebration
  • In Ivory Coast, for sure the fans will sing the “ Bobaraba”. There will be lot of shaking of the derrieres in the streets of Ivory Coast.
  • In Portugal, we shall see the fans dancing to the rhythm of the Fandango and the Xama-Rita dances. Will Cristiano Ronaldo bring the glory to the people of Portugal? That remains to be seen.
  • Will the people of Spain dance the Bolero as Xavi, Iniesta, Fabregas, Casillas, Villa and many more look forward to claim the world’s most prestigious Trophy to the Spaniards? The people of Spain are waiting to celebrate on July 11th.
  • In Switzerland, the people will be chanting great folk melodies to support their teams.
  • In Chile, will Marcelo Bielsa bring a carnival to the streets of Santiago. Will the people of Chile take the streets to dance “The Cueca”. It will be sweet to bring some happiness to the Chileans.
  • In Honduras, there will be some great celebrations in the streets of Tegucigalpa as the people dance to the rhythm of “Punta.” In other parts of the country, we should also expect some salsa, and meringue as well. The people of Honduras will be rejoicing as their country look forward to cause some upset in South Africa 2010.

        The fans will be dancing in every corner of the world. In my own country, Haiti, the people will somehow find a way to enjoy this World Cup despite dealing with post-earthquake dilemmas. It is a tradition for the people of Haiti. For me, it has been a tradition since 1978. For that reason, I thank God for giving me another opportunity to enjoy this world cup. Most of all, I've asked Him to rescue my people from this abyss.

        The world will be united in South Africa 2010. This time, it will not be a South Africa under apartheid; it will be a South Africa under unity. South Africa is ready to receive the world. Yes, the world is coming to South Africa. The people of South Africa will be dancing on the streets with the foreigners. Somehow, I can envision how that celebration will be.

        Let’s all dance ourselves to South Africa 2010. Let’s all find some ways to celebrate with the African continent. Let us celebrate with South Africa as the country is ready to put the greatest show for the world’s biggest sporting event.

    May God watch over the tournament!


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