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World Cup 1982

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  • Picture Gallery


    ITA vs POL - Poland lining up a wall before a freekick
    ITA vs PER - Referee on the ground
    POL vs PER - Polish group-hug after yet another goal
    ITA vs CMR - Tardelli and Abega battle for possession
    GER vs ALG - Rabah Madjer with the ball
    GER vs CHI - Rummenigge celebrates his first goal
    GER vs CHI - Rummenigge scores again with a header
    ARG vs BEL - Millecamps gets booked for Belgium
    ARG vs BEL - Passarella, Ardiles and Maradona
    ARG vs HUN - Diego Maradona greets the crowd
    ARG vs HUN - Passarella king in the penalty area
    FRA vs ENG - Mariner and Six in a duel
    CZE vs KUW - Chaos in the penalty area
    ENG vs CZE - Graham Rix crosses the ball
    ENG vs KUW - Paul Mariner in an aerial battle with defenders
    ENG vs KUW - Trevor Francis kicking high with the opponents
    SPA vs HON - Honduras celebrate a goal
    SPA vs YUG - Gudelj scores for Yugoslavia and celebrates
    SOV vs NZE - Rinat Dasaev, the Soviet goalkeeper


    POL vs BEL - Lato tackled by Coeck
    GER vs ENG - Robson tackles Briegel
    GER vs ENG - Kaltz, Briegel, Rix, Robson and Rummenigge
    SPA vs GER - Spain score, but it's too late
    SPA vs GER - Spain gave no less than 100% in the air
    SPA vs GER - Sad Spanish player thanks the fans
    ITA vs ARG - Zoff, Passarella and Collovati in action
    ITA vs ARG - Passarella complains to the referee
    ITA vs ARG - Tardelli and Fillol battling for possession
    ITA vs ARG - Maradona on the ground injured again
    BRA vs ARG - Zico celebrate his goal
    BRA vs ARG - Maradona gets sent off for a disgraceful foul
    ITA vs BRA - Serginho challenged by Cabrini and Oriali
    ITA vs BRA - Italian defenders ballwatching
    ITA vs BRA - Tardelli and Conti
    ITA vs BRA - Socrates with a header
    ITA vs BRA - Junior of Brazil
    ITA vs BRA - Dino Zoff giving orders
    ITA vs BRA - Rossi & co celebrate after the match
    FRA vs AUT - Austrian goalkeeper Koncilia in action
    NIR vs AUT - Norman Whiteside the youngest ever player
    NIR vs AUT - Gerry Armstrong gets past an Austrian player


    GER vs FRA - Giresse with the ball
    GER vs FRA - Battiston is carried off after Schumacher's assault
    GER vs FRA - Rummenigge and Rocheteau


    POL vs FRA - Boniek battles for the ball
    POL vs FRA - Lopez in and Janvion out for France
    POL vs FRA - Poland's goalkeeper Mlynarczyk
    POL vs FRA - Tresor and Lato


    ITA vs GER - Italy's team picture
    ITA vs GER - Collovati, Fischer, Briegel and Scirea
    ITA vs GER - Cabrini misses a penalty
    ITA vs GER - Bruno Conti tries a shot
    ITA vs GER - Paolo Rossi puts Italy ahead
    ITA vs GER - Gentile, Oriali and Scirea in the final
    ITA vs GER - Zoff and Bergomi celebrate
    ITA vs GER - Coach Bearzot with the trophy



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