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Wembley 1966. Geoff Hurst's effort hit the bar, but did the ball really cross the line? You be the judge.




1. Geoff Hurst 1966 - "Was it over the line?"
Few if any goal has been discussed more often. At 2-2 in extra time in the 1966 final against West Germany, Hurst receives the ball in the penalty area, turns, and shoots, the ball hits the bar, bounces down on/over the line. The referree awarded a goal after speaking to the linesman.
2. Diego Maradona 1986 - "Hand of God"
Maradona dribbles past 3-4 English players, plays a one-two, gets it back and rises above Peter Shilton to head(!) the ball past him. Of course it wasn't a header, but a fist knocking the ball over the keeper. At first sight it looked like a good goal, but the replay showed it wasn't.
3. Diego Maradona 1986 - "Goal of the millennium"
Just minutes after the "Hand of God", Maradona beat every player that stood in his way to score an historic goal. Pure magic.
4. Harald Schumacher 1982 - "Assault on Battiston"
It's been described as the worst and most brutal tackle on a soccer field. Schumacher assaulted French substitute Battiston in the 1982 semifinal. He lost 3 teeth and his life was in danger at one stage. Schumacher escaped without even a caution. The referee awarded a goal kick!
5. Maracana Stadium 1950 - "200.000 spectators"
A world record of nearly 200.000 spectators turned out to watch the World Cup final of 1950 between the hosts Brazil and Uruguay. Brazil had danced through their games so far and the home crowd didn't expect Uruguay to have a chance. But the visitors spoiled the party by winning 2-1 and the bottles of champagne remained unopened.
6. Prince of Kuwait 1982 - "Disallowing a goal"
France were leading 3-1 against Kuwait when Alain Giresse blasted home number four from close range with the Kuwaiti defenders rooted to the spot. They maintained they had stopped upon hearing a whistle. the Kuwaiti FA president, Prince Fahid, came on to the field from his seat in the stands and protested long and hard. He threatened to take the team off the field if the referee didn't disallow the goal. Referee Stupar from Russia changed his mind and did what the Prince told him to do. The Prince was later fined £8.000 by FIFA, but being one of the richest men in the world, it wasn't a fee to be bothered about. 
7. Oleg Salenko 1994 - "5 goals in one game"
Not many had fancied Oleg Salenko to win the Golden Boot of the World Cup in 1994. He eventually shared it with Stoitchkov on six goals. Five of those came against an unorganized Cameroon team. Russia were eliminated already in the first round and that prevented Salenko from being the first man in 20 years to score more than 6 goals in one cup.
8. Rob Rensenbrink 1978 - "Goal number 1000"
The 1000th goal in World Cup history was scored by Rob Rensenbrink on a penalty against Scotland in 1978.
9. Laurent Blanc 1998 - "First Golden Goal"
When France beat Paraguay 1-0 in the second round in the 1998 World Cup, it was the first ever Golden Goal in a World Cup match. It is so far the only one as well.
10. USA vs Switzerland 1994 - "First match indoor"
Pontiac Silverdome in Detroit, was the venue for the first ever World Cup match played indoor, but the game itself was played on natural grass of course and ended 1-1.


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