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Algeria's Rabah Madjer scored one of the goals when his team against all odds beat West Germany 2-1 in 1982.




1. United States vs England 1-0 in 1950
When the news about this result arrived in England, people thought it was a misprint in the newspaper. They thought the result was 1-10 instead of 1-0. England with legends like Billy Wright and Tom Finney wasted lots of chances and couldn't prevent the American part-timers from winning. [Matchreport]
2. North Korea vs Italy 1-0 in 1966
North Korea in their first (and only so far) World Cup apperance shocked the world by beating and sending home Italy after this win. The Italians arrived at home with their bus attacked by rotten tomatoes. [Matchreport]
3. Algeria vs West Germany 2-1 in 1982
Algeria were 1000/1 favourites to win the cup, West Germany at 3/1. The Germans had only lost 4 matches in 4 years before this game. Their coach Jupp Derwall said after the match: "I still can't believe this. It's beyond my understanding." [Matchreport]
4. Cameroon vs Argentina 1-0 in 1990
Cameroon ended this match with nine men and managed to keep the defending champions at bay, and secure a famous victory in the opening game of the 1990 World Cup. [Matchreport]
5. Senegal vs France 1-0 in 2002
World and European champions France were huge favourites to cash in three points against Senegal making their World Cup debut in this opening match of Korea/Japan 2002. It was the first of several surprising results in the tournament. [Matchreport]
6. East Germany vs West Germany 1-0 in 1974
The day when East beat West in their first ever meeting. A goal by Sparwasser ten minutes from time settled the game. West went on to win the tournament though. [Matchreport]
7. Spain vs Denmark 5-1 in 1986
Denmark had won all their first round games including trashing the South American champions Uruguay 6-1, and West Germany 2-0. They even took the lead in this game against Spain, but then everything fell apart. Butragueño scored four of Spain's five goals in this bizarre game. [Matchreport]
8. Bulgaria vs Germany 2-1 in 1994
Germany, who had reached the previous three finals, looked on track to reach number four in this quarterfinal when Matthäus gave them the lead on a penalty. But then two quick goals by Bulgaria ruined everything. [Matchreport]
9. Northern Ireland vs Spain 1-0 in 1982
Not many fancied the Irish to win this match against the host nation, especially not after playing much of the game with only ten men. But they scored early in the second half and kept the lead in a match they had to win to stay in the tournament. The win meant the Irish qualified to phase two. [Matchreport]
10. Cuba vs Romania 2-1 in 1938
This was a sensational result at the time. Cuba didn't manage to qualify in the first place, but stepped in when Mexico withdrew. Romania took part in both 1930 and 1934 and were established as a quality team. Cuba themselves were trashed 8-0 by Sweden in the very next round! [Matchreport]


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